the leap

the leap

In short: It’s time to leap. Away from extracting fossil fuels and towards an economy based on caring for each other and for the Earth.

yes.. let’s leap.. for (blank)’s sake… an econ based on caring for each other and for the earth..

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It comes from the conclusion of This Changes Everything, entitled “The Leap Years: Just Enough Time for Impossible.” This is the kind of leap Naomi writes about:

“A great deal of the work of deep social change involves having debates during which new stories can be told to replace the ones that have failed us. Because if we are to have any hope of making the kind of civilizational leap required of this fateful decade, we will need to start believing, once again, that humanity is not hopelessly selfish and greedy—the image ceaselessly sold to us by everything from reality shows to neoclassical economics.”


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“We need an organizing approach that rebuilds our democracy from the ground up,” writes @abonogofsky:…

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