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king gets nobel peace prize 64.. then to see president.. said want you to keep leading civil rights movement rather than militants like malcholm x

14 min – mlk trying to get black vote.. says black killings (ie: 4 girls bombed in church) go on because all elected officials/positions are white.. because can’t get on them if not registered to vote.. pres said that will have to wait.. next focus is war on poverty

on to selma

17 min – dismantle the king family to get him to comply

27 min – mlk speech in selma – keep us away from the ballot box and keep us voiceless.. we will not wait any longer.. give us the vote.. we’re not asking .. we’re demanding

we need to (and now can) go deeper than voting ness.. because public consensus always oppresses someone(s)

let’s try ie: curiosity over decision making

33 min – mlk on a defined battle zone – other places issue is segregation .. which is everywhere so can’t concentrate.. but in selma issued is voting.. so zone/focus is selma courthouse.. perfect stage.. so march and sit.. get publicity they wanted.. but all arrested

39 min – mlk: they’re going to ruin me so they can ruin this movement

43 min – malcolm x: let me be the alt to your husband.. my eyes see diff (fighting between mlk and x)

47 min – if you want fear you need dominance in selma.. unannounced/unofficial

54 min – x killed and jimmy jackson and others.. murdered by admin .. taken by hate

58 min – we need a new plan.. tactics.. we must break down this institution into the tangible tactics it takes to dismantle it

mlk to president: next plan – march from selma to montgomery (50 miles) president: i’m sick and tired of your demanding..  meet me half way.. mlk: i can’t.. people are dying .. it cannot wait

1:03 – coretta: i can’t see life sometime because of the fog of death all over

1:06 – mlk misses first day of march because night before got tapes telling of affairs

1:10 – on john lewis joining march.. starts w about 525.. carrying bed/lunch packs.. troopers waiting other side of bridge.. chaos.. but 70 million watching.. killings.. many to hospitals..

1:17 – then john lewis led rest back to church after encounter w officers.. he said: i don’t see how pres johnson can send troops to nam but not to selma

1:19 – on some wanting to go get guns.. ‘we have to win another way’

1:20 – mlk: all are responsible.. i’m appealing to all people to come join us in selma..

1:21 – his call was televised.. guy telling president – people all over coming to selma.. many white

1:22 – pres’s aid: give king his walk .. then selma is over.. and you’re in charge again.. pres: tell king he best not march

1:24 – mlk to pres aid when asked to strike a deal: the pres could stop this with a stroke of a pen.. this is your decision.. not ours..

1:25 – march against gov wallace orders.. 1/3 white in march

1:27 – troopers withdraw.. marchers kneel and leave – following mlk’s lead..

1:30 – the people were angry dr king.. you saying this was a trap..? they did that because of all those white people with us

1:31 – mlk: i’d rather people be mad and hate me than be bleeding or dead

1:35 – white priest in boston killed – called white nigger – for going to march

1:36 – pres telling mlk he can stop it.. mlk: no you can do more  pres: this bill has been hard to pass  mlk: i can’t wait unless you act sir.. no one will remember your civil rights act.. just your role in selma

1:38 – mlk and john lewis talking in car.. mlk: lbj not moving.. we have to move beyond these protests to real political power.. we can’t go on like this

1:41 – john: on how mlk motivated him.. you said: fail or not.. we’ve come too far to turn back now

1:43 – court on brutalities in selma.. march is approved via judge

1:46 – joan baez, belefonte, et al joining

wallace: can’t ever satisfy them.. first front seat of bus.. then schools.. then votes.. then jobs

1:47 – pres tries to talk wallace into letting them vote  wallace: i don’t have the power

lbj: i’ll be damned if i’m going to let history put me in the same place with the likes of you (to wallace)

1:49 – lbj speech: there is not negro/southern problem.. there is only an american problem.. constitution says.. no person kept from voting.. this wed.. sending law designed to eliminate illegal barriers.. we shall overcome


just mercy.. et al