We don’t need more resources. We just need to be more resourceful.

localblu has a great graphic for this.

even deeper than graphic though.. if we focus-on/facil different data.. ie: self-talk as data.. we’ll quit creating/wasting more resources.. and by our indigenous nature.. being ever more resourceful.. ie: math tutor? no need.. school math will become irrelevant; paralegal? no need.. law will become irrelevant; babysitting? no need.. more community less busyness.. help w taxes? no need.. money will become irrelevant


ie: food: u.s throws out 40%; shelter: vinay’s take on housing for all


Suggested book read:
Lisa Gansky – The Mesh  (how to share more in a city)



resource ness – upcycle  –  upcycle human spirit  –  upcycle ed