rené girard

rene girard

intro’d to René while taking in some of the livestreaming of theorizing the web conf 2016


Presented on René Girard & social media at fantastic yesterday. Thanks – looking fwd to !

on Girard (Thiel) mimetic structure of desire leading to violence- @daily_barbarian #c5 #TtW16 -unless science of people (plural ignorance)

esp intrigued by…

Geoff Shullenberger said – girard is godfather of like button

how to be you.. and be us.. how to be hide in the open.. so that i’m not just becoming slave to likes…

disengaging from consensus.. perhaps via hosting life bits… as the day… et al.


interview from 2015? – just before he died

the scapegoat isn’t a theory it’s a penomenon… it’s something one can see.. something that happens..

a person or group made to bear the blame for others or to suffer in their place.

fashion is the false intelligence that ruins everything that’s true about intellectual research

denouncing fashion is always fashionable..

all great intellectuals of our time have avoided the scapegoat.. it would be interesting to look into that… perhaps that would collapse modern intellectuals… that whole society based on scapegoat systems…


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If two individuals desire the same thing, there will soon be a third, then a fourth. This process quickly snowballs. Since from the beginning the desire is aroused by the other (and not by the object) the object is soon forgotten and the mimetic conflict transforms into a general antagonism. At this stage of the crisis the antagonists will no longer imitate each other’s desires for an object, but each other’s antagonism. They wanted to share the same object, but now they want to destroy the same enemy.


makes me think of broken feedback loop and the need for a and a – because as Gabor says… if a risks a.. then a trumps a… et al..

during .. this tweet by rt via vinay


A humane society requires 3 Pillars: 1.Universal Healthcare (Life) 2.Universal Education (Liberty) 3.Universal Basic Income (Happiness)

or two: 1\ authenticity (be you) 2\ attachment (be us)

hoping the simplicity René speaks of.. that people/intellectuals don’t want to accept.. does finally take over.. and .. either none/all of us become scapegoat

another tweet at same time.. fitting..


“ The problem of abuse is the greatest challenge the web faces today. It is…” — @umairh…

A healthy mind does not (need to) abuse. – @umairh a nother way

more on bottom of Umair‘s page


from douglas

Michel Bauwens (@mbauwens) tweeted at 6:04 AM – 6 Feb 2019 :
The Anti-Human Religion of Silicon Valley – Douglas Rushkoff – Medium

The idea that lit up the turned-on technoculture was that technology would be our evolutionary partner and successor — that humans are essentially computational, and computers could do computation better. Any ideas that could be construed to support this contention were embraced. And so Stanford professor René Girard — whose work had much broader concerns — was appreciated almost solely for his assertion that human beings are not original or creative but purely imitative creatures.