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In Jordan, the country’s elite has taken a special interest in MOOCs. Queen Rania Al Abdullah has spoken out in favor of the movement, arguing that online education will benefit minority groups in the Arab world, especially young women.

Today, most of the top courses have not been adapted for non-English speakers. So this month, Queen Rania’s foundation announced the formation of a new Arabic online education service called Edraak.

That said, Edraak is may be the only option for those who are routinely denied access to education, like young women in certain regions in the Middle East.

Al-Attia is convinced that women will benefit most the new online education. She was heartened to discover that young girls in Saudi Arabia are voraciously consuming educational videos on YouTube, which demonstrates their desire to learn. This content is valuable — but is not vetted like the lectures on Edraak. “Online education is an option for them, as you can learn in the comfort of your own home,” said Al-Attia.

Overcoming obstacles

It will be a challenge for Edraak to reach some of the region’s poorest people, those who are most in need of an affordable education. In remote and rural areas, Internet access is particularly scarce.

Al-Attia plans to tackle this challenge head on by partnering with “community-based organizations,” which can offer a computer hub to people who don’t have Internet access at home.


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Let’s Drop The First ‘I’ In ISIS. There’s Nothing Islamic About Them



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Rania Al Abdullah (@QueenRania) tweeted at 5:38 AM – 15 Mar 2018 :

Today we mourn the children who lost their lives in the Syrian war, the families seeking refuge, and the homes and streets that once meant so much to Syrians. Yet what we must mourn more ardently after seven years, is the futility of the world’s attempts to end the conflict. (http://twitter.com/QueenRania/status/974248502090924032?s=17)

Rania Al Abdullah (@QueenRania) tweeted at 5:38 AM – 15 Mar 2018 :

اليوم نتذكر بألم كل طفل راح ضحية الحرب في سوريا، والعائلات التي تبحث عن ملجأ، والمنازل والأحياء التي كانت يوما تعني الكثير لأهلها. ومع ذلك ما يجب أن يفجعنا بعد سبع سنوات، هو فشل المحاولات الدولية لإنهاء النزاع في سوريا. (http://twitter.com/QueenRania/status/974248544369594369?s=17)

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