shawn micallef

shawn micallef

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intro’d to Shawn via tweet of event Jeff was at in denver.. where/when Shawn was talking… about the whimsy of city.. Rebecca Solnit‘s wanderlust..


Cities are great when they have elements of unexpected whimsy.

Think of city streets as the city’s living room.

Cities need to let things happen.

tweets from session all resonating with..

Jane of course..

city ness

walking ness


revolution of everyday life ness


tedxtoronto 2013: Suburbs are not a wasteland

finding he is co-editor of spacing magazine.. and finding video trailer there.

that’s why the city is great – it’s all these different things together

cities are all about layers

stacktivism ness

strip malls have become old fashioned main streets.

really dynamic urban strips..

suburbs have become a little more downtown than downtown because downtown has become too expensive

we’re dismissing an entire part of the city based on how it’s built – a weird for of self-hate

in a sense.. our downtowns have sort of become malls while our suburbs have become these liberated zones of far out culture and economics…


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Ed-CoOwner / Teach / Columnist / Author: Stroll & Full FrontalTO / NEW: The Trouble w Brunch: Work, Class & the Pursuit of Leisure.

finding he is co-editor of spacing magazine.. and finding this video trailer on spacing site: powers of towers (doc)