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would love to (like Tony Hsieh) intrigue him enough to betting on the sync.

imagine detroit getting to betterness in one short year.


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look on the bright side of everything


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James M. Russell (@BurghDiaspora) tweeted at 6:44 AM – 15 Jan 2018 :

Detroit: “Yes, Dan Gilbert wants to use school money to fund his new downtown projects” https://t.co/u6XZXpYSAF (http://twitter.com/BurghDiaspora/status/952899197820395521?s=17)

Quicken Loans owner Dan Gilbert — who is Michigan’s richest man and worth an estimated $6.2 billion — is requesting $618 million of state taxpayer money to help fund four downtown Detroit projects that he’s developing.


in Drew Philp‘s $500 house:


dan gilbert.. owner of quicken loans.. made his money originating mortgages..  quicken is being sued by the us justice dept for mortgage fraud.. gilbert just lost a labor lawsuit..  one of his real estate companies also emptied two downtown buildings full of people: one was a longtime artists collective, the other was full of the elderly..