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Tim from june convo on this.. (i think):

Intelligent agents, augmented reality & the future of productivity – Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft




Peter Norvig shows a paper: “Machine Learning: the high interest credit card of technical debt.” :-) Great talk, streaming live. #oreillyai



from Peter:


machine learning is fast.. sometimes fast can be (dangerous)

machine learning: the high-interest credit card of technical debt… machine learning allows you to stack up that debt faster

lack of abstractio barriers

‘most errors in the data rather than the code.. great to have human in the loop’

check what we’re counting as data.. ie: self-talk as data

‘need a user interface where user is ready to take over’

and/or system where mech is designed to augment.. ie: listen to the human trail

hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data


Tim – why will never run out of jobs


on Clay Christensen quote: when some things are commodified.. other things become more valuable..


next couple weeks – next econ summit – figuring out.. how do we do ai as if people matter

the challenge for us.. how do we do things that were previously impossible..


Genevieve Bell – @feraldata


the way i like to make sense of things.. i like to go hang out with them.. maybe.. an ethnographic interview..

rev of everyday life..

the question becomes.. what are you mechanizing and why..

when try to figure out how things are made sense of.. culture will matter

what it might mean to have dreams/intentionality.. we ought to critically interogate ai.. as a culture.. if we understand politics of its name.. we might think about how we can imagine it differently.. what it means to be normal/human


Lili Cheng @lilich


question i always get – why bots now

back/home both critical for systems today.. but in convo.. back/home don’t really work.. understand it in the browser.. as designing convo in people’s minds.. always going forward.. in a wave.. so even very simple things.. as designing convos.. need to think of fundamentals..

people aren’t binary.. ai is more like vectors/motion/convo – need to rethink navigation interfaces. .why convo such a great ie.. make ai more like way humans think about world around them..

perhaps ai as listening w/o agenda… rather than ie: prompting us to voluntary compliance..

wechat.. in china.. all use it.. and bots live in wechat

we’re going to learn more from the unexpected..

ie: from the human. the human(s) free to be curious. as the day.

combining tricks to do improv..


the more people experiment.. the more people trying things out.. the better we’ll be

so.. let’s try something for all of us.. 7 billion plus.. ie: host-life-bits that io dance..


Shahin Farshchi @farshchi


we see every co and their brother doing work in driverless cars

imagine if we first all focus on .. a nother way to live.. ie: seattle bike program not working .. not because it needs more stuff or more rules or more..whatever.. but because people aren’t free…

focus is partial.. so false data on humans


open ai



A Must-Read! From @wef ~> Forget #AI. The real revolution could be IA bit.ly/2miAxCb #IntelligenceAugmentation

10 bn mbytes of new info every sec..shrinking attention/cog ability to keep up add to problem

perhaps wrong data.. try self-talk as data- hosting-life-bits