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The School of Life (@TheSchoolOfLife) tweeted at 5:30 AM – 26 Sep 2016 :

Many of us suffer from a peculiar problem: an inability to properly inhabit what we call ‘the present’ (

Much of what ruins the present is sheer *anxiety. The present always contains an enormous number of possibilities, some hugely gruesome, which we are constantly aware of in the background. Anything could theoretically happen, an earthquake, an aneurysm, a rejection – which gives rise to the non-specific anxiety that trails most of us around all the time; the simple dread at the **unknownness of what is to come

*Seth,’s post on anxiety

**John‘s quote ..


have to be listening in the now.. and be flexible in the now.. for that to happen


this poem by Nic Askew resonates w my ‘ugh’ to Steven Johnson‘s (and roboticists’/scientists’) push for predictability

‘I have absolutely no interest
in the dreams you so
earnestly chase,’
spoke his soul.

‘When you were a boy
you had no time
for such dreams.

The electricity of the world
under your feet was enough.’