nika on abstraction

via nika dubrovsky fb share [don’t know how to link to it.. it was linked w this 3 min video clip – The Seikilos Epitaph (Minecraft Version):]:

continuation of this thought :

If you compare musical notes with cash that can be loaned to strangers, accurately calculating interest on the loan, if you compare musical notes to the mathematical laws of the golden section, which the ancient Greeks described “Beauty”, then it is easy to notice that everywhere we are talking about the same thing: the use of abstraction and scaling technology from of a particular social relationship, an assertion of some superhuman meaning, of some metareality that exists outside of us.

(to me) this is about graeber violence/quantification law

David writes that the emergence of these abstractions occurred almost simultaneously in different parts of the world was accompanied by an unprecedented rise in science, philosophy, arts and, at the same time, an outbreak of incredible violence and wars.

adding page because of this.. huge

again.. graeber violence/quantification law

and further on :

A music recording is needed to play the music of an unknown (or long dead) composer with a group of unknown musicians for strangers listeners.

The music notes simultaneously appeal to the universal ability of people to understand music and the ability that almost anyone can develop – to learn to read music.

(to me).. not sure if we were legit free if reading would be something we cared that much about.. as in lit & num as colonialism ness.. i didn’t feel free w music until i gave up the reading ness and just did ad lib.. improv

On the other hand, such music does not involve creating social relationships between people. After the concert, all listeners and musicians go around their houses without knowing each other’s names.

And even the name of a celebrity violinist or pianist, who sometimes stays with fans for a long time, is a way to organize social alienation, not connection, like all showbiz.

marsh label law et al..

imagining if daily curiosity were our only label(s).. and only in order to connect us

imagine if we listened to the itch-in-8b-souls 1st thing everyday & used that data to connect us

(tech as it could be.. ai as augmenting interconnectedness)