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many yrs later, this idea has trickled down to the impoverished countryside of bangladesh when mohammed yunus and the grameen bank brought microcredit to starving peasants w disastrous consequences.. the poor of the subcontinent have always lived in debt, in the merciless grip of the local village usurer – the bania.. but microfinance has corporatized that, too. microfinance companies in india are responsible fo r 100s of suicides – 200 people in andhra pradesh in 2010 alone..

m pesa et al.. yunus.. farmer suicide..

there’s a lot of money in poverty, and a few nobel prizes too



Mother Jones (@MotherJones) tweeted at 7:30 PM – 14 Jun 2019 :
.@ewarren just released a plan to close the racial wealth gap by issuing $7 billion in grants to entrepreneurs of color. The grants could be used for startup capital to support an estimated 100,000 new minority-owned businesses. https://t.co/NpTw6DXsuY(http://twitter.com/MotherJones/status/1139706775228174336?s=17)

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