mariam ghani

mariam ghani

intro’d to Mariam in this democracy now interview with Amy:

p. 1:

on art –

art: powerful space to 1\ recover history 2\ imagine possible futures that don’t resemble the present

a nother way ness – rev of everyday life

on prison abuse – crazy/sad descriptions

guantanamo ness

solitary ness

prison ness

50 min – on being bound to a sponsor who is responsible for you staying in the country.. arrive with a debt…

as it stands.. if they organize.. they are deported

p. 2:

on her work chronicling brutality in u.s. prisons

5 min – a city that is so divided it actually becomes two separate countries (the city & the city) – book and her work… on learning to unsee the other… the limbo between them

8 min – the border project – borders have been an obsession of mine for a long time

nationality: human ness

constantly traveling between diff places and diff states of being/belonging… always being partly one thing and partly another.. this zone is the border lens

border ness… label ness

life of an artist – can never say.. i live here.. you never know..

home ness


the city and the city (excerpt)

have book on recommend

Shot in St. Louis and loosely based on China Miéville’s 2009 sci-fi noir novel of the same name, The City & The City is about a city so divided it becomes two separate countries, which are geographically crosshatched together despite their political and economic differences. To maintain the separation, citizens of the two city-states are taught from birth to unsee everything and everyone that belongs to the other city, and violations of the border are policed by Breach.

7 min of 29 min film

other’s who were carefully not watching/noticing us…

write up… and (audio) interview (with citiscape):

from audio:

4 min – mirrored coffin

ferguson protest ness

11 min – the devisions are maintained by us.. as long as you keep pretending that it works


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afghan/american artist

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Artist, writer, filmmaker, teacher. See also

Mariam’s father is the president of afghanistan

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Mariam Ghani (born 1978) is an American multi-media artist, filmmaker, and social activist.


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