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via museum of care fb share (for next museum of care meeting):

This Friday, we’re excited to have artist and activist Cassie Thornton talk to us about Hologram, “a feminist social health-care project that aims to provide accountability, attention and solidarity as a source of long term care.” You can read more about Hologram on her website (5 min read), or this 40-minute talk she gave last May as the world entered lockdown.

neither were linked to i just googled and found [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0R1t6TdZsA] i’m guessing the 40 min hologram video.. but am taking in one from 2015 first (because as i was skimming it.. i found this quote ‘most healing thing body produces is cancer’ at 40 min).. see notes here: cassie thornton

Cassie will talk about Hologram, but we’d also like to keep the assembly interactive. So, please feel free to go through the article and video, and ask her any questions about Hologram, how it works, and how you could apply it in your own life & networks. In fact, some of us are thinking of starting our own Holograms as a Museum of Care room, so stay tuned for more on this topic.

As usual, here are the details of the assembly: 8PM GMT (UK Time), Friday, March 12 https://bit.ly/3kifxZY


notes/quotes from meeting [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvxLFI8qlZM]:

cassie: i feel like you guys are a secret circle i didn’t know i wanted to know.. project became a book as a way to distribute

cassie: sharing same presentation as in 40 min video – 24 slides.. hologram: 1\ can spread ideas like a rumor.. like a para fiction.. talk about it as real until it is 2\ p2p care that redistributes emotional labor

cassie: on starting this because trying to understand connections that debt makes.. so first looking at non hierarchical med care

again.. already to notes on cassie thornton page for notes on this presentation.. not adding much here

cassie: ask incomers what it would take to get them healthy.. and then 3 people would help w that (on integrative model)

cassie: how to take care of selves if no access to experts, time, space, money, et al.. started thinking of person receiving care as the organizer.. triangle of 3 people and incomer.. goal of project is that no one should have to make decisions on ownc

cassie: amazing to have people who part of their job is to remember your story (on the 3 people)

cassie: hologram makes it possible for others to care for you.. this is some of the most anti capitalist work we can do

cassie: job is not to solve problems.. that’s really difficult for us.. rather.. job of triangle is to feel along side the hologram but not try to solve problems for them.. more playful even when serious.. learn to ask questions.. becomes creative.. triangle is a living med record

cassie: no body who is giving care is not also receiving care.. so really spreads..

pics reminds me of networked individualism et al

cassie: keeps moving thru people and morphing.. rather than ie: reciprocating..

c: fear of being a burden.. drives the project to become viral.. which is so interesting..

c: project is slow.. morphs as moves between people.. ie: i learn by doing it for her.. how i’d like it done for me.. eventually.. hologram can just disappear

c: how it exists now.. courses.. community of practice (to keep things going) as lab/social-movement.. the point is building a bigger network of people..

c: i don’t know how strategic org ing will happen.. but one day it will..

ie: 2 conversations .. imagine if we

c: big group of people org ing the project.. one is a 2 hr online ritual.. 10 facilitators.. transformative.. how to make form more acceptable to people..

c: this is a project for more people to participate in anti capitalism..

c: melody gilligan films inspired us… popular unrest.org.. can watch for free..

nika: how can we make a room in m of care that will take over the practice..

c: talk for health.. made me think.. maybe it is possible to be spread thru govt w/o being compromised.. it’s therapy w/o therapists.. people trained.. then strangers invited to gather.. how can strangers help each other.. you’d never guess it’s an anarchist project..

c: what i’m really interested in is decarceration.. led thru while still inside.. but also after out.. could be way to incorp into larger govt system.. trying to figure out a way to make it accessible/easy esp after pandemic

nika: patient to patient sounds similar.. now powerful w more data than ins co’s..

yeah.. but all data non legit.. unless we have some detox embed.. ie: just whalespeak

c: on finding better ways people can hold info for others.. on a web site.. one point of hologram is collecting research for people using it

imagine if we.. hosting life bits et al

c: we have a long way to go to figure out how to deal w data and trust in that way

not.. takes a lot of work.. long way to go.. if we try something legit diff.. ie: undo our hierarchical listening

c: now in big meetings.. can’t (or can you) say anything because all are connected..

what we need: mech for non hierarchical listening

c: how do you have big group and have everybody share.. and be vulnerable.. we need more/more big group org ing.. feels like little steps to figure out these new things.. w/o running our batteries out.. cool.. that really small.. but also very big that will destroy all the bs

gershenfeld something else law et al

tanya: on model being like what i went thru on my own.. but had to get to a dark place to get (govt) help

c: embedded in this project.. that it’s something that will really help others.. something about shared responsibility that comes out of this project..

responsibility ness

c: shares experiences w strike debt – ie: not paying loans.. risk doing what is so not ok in our society.. toward the viral risk taking that creates an interdependence

simona: i work in intalian health system .. pushing for something we call.. slow medicine.. person as teacher.. so resonates w me.. but also.. most important part of a cure.. is a tech part.. which kind of cure is it that you perform in hologram.. and what’s the role of tech/knowledge/hard-med

c: i should say this first.. many of my friends wouldn’t be alive w/o (some med).. i would never say go w/o formal med.. the hologram can be like a line underneath all of it.. as means to self advocate

c: humans have created incredible tech for healing.. but it’s not accessible..

mechanism simple enough.. tech as it could be

c: hospital has lots of good tech.. but i don’t think it’s a healing place.. so hologram could help you after that

c: on give me cred project.. we realized landlords were using credit scores as an excuse to deny people they didn’t want to rent to.. was trying to figure out ways to play w that.. i made people alt credit reports for them.. twisting it to.. this is why they survived.. et al

c: other projects.. ie: fem econ yoga.. see videos online.. a lot of stuff on old site: fem econ dept

c: on case studies (gabi asked for ie’s).. ie: starts from.. 4 people getting together.. for like 2 hours.. then want it to go on.. then share it with others..

tj share this site in chat: free counseling for activists: https://www.counsellingforsocialchange.org.uk/free-counselling-for-activists-campaigners-and-social-changers/

c: commenting on how this groups get org’d naturally w people who aren’t healthy..

c: it’s a lot of work to be the hologram .. esp at first.. weird hoops to jump thru

we need something anyone could do from the get go.. takes a lot of work as a red flag

c: the triangle loves their job.. finally i know what to do to help you

so imagine.. if we were all legit knowing our needs.. et al .. because.. ie: when things come up how to deal w them.. isn’t the best way to be living in the world.. better for sure.. but we need to be more about being than reacting..

c: on routine for what we talk about when.. so now no one needs to facil anymore.. so not so much work for me.. in beginning.. people said idea was heavy but practice of it was light.. we’d ask.. what’s the feeling you want in 45 min..

nika: will get together on how to make this happen for room.. also.. i propose to move assembly from fri to thurs .. so next week we meet thursday.. for paris commune ness..

jonathan harris (not one i know): was asked to be part of fighting club project.. not really me.. but maybe i could fight for money burning..

nika: i was already wondering if cassie would be in fighting club.. so who would you hook up

c: margaret thatcher

nika: claire.. so how would you hook that up

claire: anything is possible.. we could dress/mask people up and have them argue (that person you can’t get to come)’s ideas..




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