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adding page this day (and because believing what the world needs most is the energy of 7bn alive people.. which we keep missing when we keep fractaling dead things for alive things – ie: organism as fractal):

@monk51295 @davecormier @tobias_revell If you read French take a look at Bertrand Louart’s  work, specially “Man is not a Machine”, his critique of the technology born out of Industrial Society.
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not finding man is not a machine.. not much on louart.. but finding: living things are not machines:

Today more than ever, the conception of the living being as a machine is indissolubly linked to the fact that we live in a capitalist and industrial society: it reflects what the authorities that dominate the society would like the living to be, in order to be able to do what they want..t

This evidence is the starting point of our investigation and our critical analyzes of modern biology, which revolve around three main points:

1. Surprising as it may seem, the blind spot of modern biology is its “object,” the living being, the organism, and the life that inhabits it. Not only do biologists and biotechnologists do not know what a living being is, but most of all, they do not want to know it and prefer to make it a “complex machine” that they make sure to “reprogram” at will.

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2. Biology is also, and above all, the study of the subject , from its native state to its most developed forms, from the bacterium to the human being. I…

3. …The machine is today ubiquitous, it is like the model of social relations, which renews all forms of domination, exploitation and alienation.

Criticism of the living as a machine is the guiding thread from which a relevant historical diagnosis can be precisely formulated, not only on modern biology but also and above all on capitalist and industrial society.

organism as fractal ness

This socio-political dimension is the blind spot of criticism of the living as a machine, it has escaped most of the scientific criticisms formulated so far. But this dimension is essential: the way in which we conceive of the world and living beings expresses above all a project, the way in which we would like them to be so that our action on them can be effected without shock or surprise.


A new biology ( biologia novae ) therefore seems necessary for more than one reason . In the first place, it would enable the living being to be put back in the center of reflection as a subject realizing an organic unity with his environment; to better understand the sensitivity and autonomy of the living being. It could thus contribute to the (re) formulation of a clearer thought on freedom, better articulated with the idea of ​​autonomy, which is sorely lacking after two centuries of industrial capitalism …


Bertrand Louart, January 2018.


“The easiest way to break free of simulation is to recognize the charade and stop following the rules of the game.” – #TeamHuman, #64

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organism as fractal ness

human use of human beings

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