leshell hatley

leshell hatley

intro’d to Leshell via dml2015 – some resonating comments:

designing (spaces of permission with nothing to prove) equity (everyone getting a go everyday) #DML2015

on media/funding. the compromising ness of exposure. embellishing the story for hype at a loss of trust- @Leshell#DML2015

on safety not being ie: secure buildings, i see safety as: i understand who you are and i believe in you. – @Leshell#DML2015#DML2015

on (all of us) needing to be trusted. as is. in the now. not after some thing. the design of equity. – @Leshell#DML2015

this is the point of equity we need to deal with – trusting all people. – @Leshell#DML2015

i’m not interested in using tech to boost intelligence/academics. but rather to start convos, raise awareness, .. – @Leshell #DML2015


2010 on youth app lab

rather than fitting a kid to a company (then internship is done and then what).. we ask.. what do you want to do.. what do you want to send into the world..


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