kipp bradford

kipp bradford

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intro’d to Kipp (way back when) via bif


TEDxProvidence – Kipp Bradford- Science the new football? – 2012

on subtle forms of racism that set kids off the path

march 83 – wanting to be an astronaut – 3rd grade

it’s clear to me that this subtle racism is incredibly destructive.

9 min – what black kids have to look up to – ie: about 68% of football players are black

tim wise – white like me –

what’s harder 1700 current nfl players, 1,700000 practicing engineers

so 68% is saying.. not just that you should do football.. but that you shouldn’t do engineer..

12 min – what are we inspiring our kids to do…

how should they be using their heads… ie: using head to discover.. explore

14 min – there are other options.. we have some opportunities to change perceptions

15 min – take opportunity to celebrate discovery

if we give kids hopes/dreams of being scientists/engineers.. providing better future.. we have to change the way we look at heroes.. ie: heroes can be scientists, nerds



Closing remarks – revolution by design – june 2014

self-expression such a powerful

innovation at the intersection of cultures

on analyzing the entrepreneurial activities of recent immigrants..

on embracing the type of experimentation it takes to see how things work

on not getting in the way


Urban Sensor Hack #4: Bio Sensing Kits with Sean Montgomery and Kipp Bradford – 2013

biomedical engineer, decade as toy inventor

distributed network data –

5 min – arduino shield for google


how to fix american innovation – 2012

how the patent system works…

the problem is .. the patent process is not designed for everybody

for me – finding out 2 yrs later.. denied in 1st round – after spending 25000

we have this conception that being awarded property rights of any kind has value proposition

the reality is – we don’t make money when we patent tech

the making of money – is from suing.. the judge and the patent attorney are the ones that end up winning

patents do not generate incomes – almost inclusively – only money is from pharma

5 min – why patent law in the first place – to drive innovation… by rewarding people for sharing..

when patent law was created.. the world was different, ie: the inventor was the innovator.. very intimate..

6 min – what’s invention vs innovation..  the difference has become greater and more profound

innovation drives economics yet we’re rewarding the invention that doesn’t

8 min – history has shown that most tech change comes through the small contributions of ordinary, anonymous workers and tinkerers. – jeanne fromer

9 min – patents are for inventions.. innovations drive economy


Distributed Environmental Data: On the Ground at the Data Sensing Lab – 2013


2009 – describing maker faire rhode island


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app chip ness

if we want the energy to open up and sustain the openness of ie: maker ness, discovery ness.. perhaps we do this first..