kenneth cukier

kenneth cukier

intro’d to him via tweets between him and Nassim about ed:

Happy to send recent ebook on education: v concerned we don’t vaunt independent thinkers.

Thank you. Will be nice to meet & discuss at some point. We need schools to teach Black Swan, and encourage non-confirmist thinking


or perhaps.. deliberately not teach – in order to get out of the way of natural non-conformity.. aka: curiosity.. no?

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then started taking him in here:

june 2014 tedsalon berlin

Big data is better data

more data allows us to see new.. ie: apple is everyone’s 2nd fav

getting to a liquidity of info


march 2014

Big Data Dystopia:TEDxWarwick 2014


if we deny free will – we deny something fundamentally human

how do we minimize the harm and accept the benefits.. change the way we think about the issue altogether.. instead of thinking of data as separate .. rather as a part of all of us.. data as a property right.

or a non property right – a means to release us from property ness..

data changes much like stock exchanges today…. markets are great at self-organizing… patents create a market for innovation…

? – i thought patents got in the way of innovation..?

if data is our currency – we need new institutions to regulate.. because markets need regulations.. we need strictest of regulations


14 min – on ed – sounds like you might like declara Kenneth..


jul 2013:

Minds + Machines 2013 – GE Europe

predictive maintenance..


data is a new resource..

a quantitative shift has led to a qualitative shift.. more isn’t just more.. more is different

8 min – machine learning – can teach itself (keep adding data) over and over.. and get smarter (more data rich)

10 min  – by treating things as data

ie: self-talk, curiosity, label.. ness – as a jumpstart – a means to hasten (and ongoingly be prepped/embracing uncertainty) the Black Swan for 100% of humanity getting back to anti-fragile ness.

bringing common sense to the data


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data – self talk

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