oh my on first take on this.

and co-founder/ceo Ramona‘s story is by itself breathtaking.. she also states this (on twitter bio) as her vision:

Focused on ending poverty in our lifetime through learning. 


so what if – a people experiment – can do that. esp with Ramona’s brain/heart/grit. ie: all the above.. plus.. freeing people up. in the city. as the day.

what if – an app/chip – can be like declara on steroids.. hastening equity et al because it’s cutting to the chase. [ie: not a connector w/in the system we have, but a connector w/in a global systemic change .. we could/should/will have]


march 2015 – pre-registration link for declara app launch:

Think of Declara as your personal knowledge engine, ready and available anytime and anywhere. It’s a single, dynamic repository of all the knowledge you’ve accumulated – and an engine that intelligently unearths hidden gems to help you go further. Best of all, you keep all of it – so your knowledge portfolio goes with you as your career and your aspirations grow.

good on you Ramona..


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introducing declara


Declara is an intelligent social learning platform that combines collaboration, intuitive search and analytics to help organizations work smarter and faster. Declara intelligently connects large numbers of people to massive amounts of content and to each other. It uses a unique cognitive model combined with deep machine learning to observe how people collaborate and learn, and adjust accordingly. Over time Declara seamlessly and automatically delivers the right content and connections, at the right time, to maximize the learning capability of individuals and entire organizations.

“At Declara we understand that personal and professional development are lifelong pursuits, and we are delivering technology to enable people everywhere, at every stage of their lives, to learn and grow. We recognize an expansive opportunity to help companies and people come together to collaborate, learn, and innovate,” said Ramona Pierson, founder of Declara.

“With Declara, we’ve built an intelligent social learning platform that combines collaboration, intuitive search, and deep analytics, powered by an extremely innovative user interface to help organizations work smarter,” added Nelson González, Declara’s other founder.

    • A top-ten G-20 government is using Declara as an intelligent collaborative social network that enables all of the country’s teachers to implement the new national curriculum, and to solve implementation challenges in real time.

Nelson Gonzalez



Alex Hayes?


New GoOpen Initiative Approved For California, Santa Clarita Public Schools via @declara #teachers #edtech #startup

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