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Journalism is the production and distribution of reports on events. The word journalism applies to the occupation, as well as citizen journalists who gather and publish information. Journalistic media include print, television, radio, Internet, and, in the past, newsreels.

Concepts of the appropriate role for journalism vary between countries. In some nations, the news media are controlled by government intervention and are not fully independent. In others, the news media are independent of the government but instead operate as private industry motivated by profit. In addition to the varying nature of how media organizations are run and funded, countries may have differing implementations of laws handling the freedom of speech and libel cases.

The proliferation of the Internet and smartphones has brought significant changes to the media landscape since the turn of the 21st century. This has created a shift in the consumption of print media channels, as people increasingly consume news through e-readers, smartphones, and other personal electronic devices, as opposed to the more traditional formats of newspapers, magazines, or television news channels. News organizations are challenged to fully monetize their digital wing, as well as improvise on the context in which they publish in print. Newspapers have seen print revenues sink at a faster pace than the rate of growth for digital revenue


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Oz Katerji (@OzKaterji) tweeted at 5:50 AM – 24 Jan 2020 :
This is a really important development for conflict journalists, who have often had to deal with mental health issues with little to no support from our employers. I hope Fergal has a long period of self-care and recovery and is back on our screens soon

James Longman (@JamesAALongman) tweeted at 5:55 AM – 24 Jan 2020 :
One of the great influences in my career and a brilliant human (

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BREAKING: In an OUTRAGEOUS violation of press freedom, the Brazilian government has ignored a Supreme Court order and charged journalist @ggreenwald with “cybercrimes” for @TheInterceptBr’s investigative series on widespread corruption in Brazil.
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Thank you, @SenSanders:
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@SenSanders: The free press is never more important than when it exposes wrongdoing by the powerful. That is why President Bolsonaro is threatening Glenn Greenwald for the “crime” of doing journalism. I call on Brazil to end its authoritarian attack on press freedom and the rule of law.



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the fourth estate (doc)

kill the messenger – film about gary webb []


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and perhaps what we need most.. a mech to listen to every voice.. every day.. ie: tech as it could be..


AFP Beirut (@AFP_Beirut) tweeted at 2:03 AM – 14 Aug 2018 :
US journalist Austin Tice was kidnapped six years ago today outside Damascus – his whereabouts are unknown @pressfreedom #FreeAustinTice @AFPphoto #Syria (

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Olivia Alabaster (@OliviaAlabaster) tweeted at 5:27 AM – 28 Aug 2018 :
After Capital Gazette shootings in June, US is ahead of Mexico in number of journalists killed so far this year in line of duty (


CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 5:30 AM – 18 Sep 2018 :
Billionaires love buying newspapers (




@daveberkeleyuk @HadleyFreeman David Graeber was right about the Guardian
It is a despicable rag of a paper
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in tweet embed [] david saying they used himself, owen, monbiot to build cred.. to show they wouldn’t lie to destroy any chance of left govt.. but that’s exactly what they did.. then dave saying to him.. of four.. you are the only one speaking out against them and on owen jones even joining in the witch hunt.. and then david saying..

@davidgraeber: alas yes.. though for me journalism is just a sideline