rethinking the gatekeeper for news – Jimmy Wales


I am making something new. I hope you like it. #wikitribune


Bryan Alexander (@BryanAlexander) tweeted at 7:36 AM – 25 Apr 2017 :

@jimmy_wales launches Wikitribune, for “fact-based articles that have a real impact in both local + global events”: (


should make Gene happy – leaving the broadcast..


Jimmy Wales (@jimmy_wales) tweeted at 6:21 AM – 13 Nov 2017 :

Today we’ve moved the WikiTribune pilot from beta to www! #wikitribune (

Again, this is not the launch of a news service. This is the launch of a project to build a news service. That’s why it says “Pilot” right up at the top.

We’re using WordPress as the core of our launch platform, and it has some major strengths as a content management system, not least of which is that it is open source and has a mature and strong ecosystem of open source developers. But it also has some major philosophical differences from a wiki – the default assumptions about who can do what are really quite different.


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