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What are you hoping could get changed soon?

Julian Lennon: Listen, there’s a million and one things! (Laughs) We might as well be sitting down here for a week if we’re going to talk about all the things that need changing and fixing in this world. Obviously, there’s a lot of greed in the world. We all see that. There’s a lot of injustice in the world. Obviously, there’s a lot of misinformation in the world. So, there’s a lot to be doing and dealing with.

When you’re dealing with so many issues in the world, even our human basic rights, which are having clean water…and medicines… It’s ridiculous that in a world where so many levels have so much money and the other end of the scale has none… I’ve always thought that it was the most ridiculous thing in the entire world.

I guess what some of us are trying to do is balance that out and even it out a little bit however we can.

TCC.com: It’s like you have to pick the battle you want to fight. As you said before there’s so much going on.

Julian: I’ve got to tell you that most things I’ve dealt with are projects that have come to me…

what if we didn’t have to worry about picking/tackling our battles, or about the manifold problems that exist. what if instead (and as well as) we focus for a bit on setting 7 billion people free. then perhaps, not only will we have 7 billion brilliant people solving problems, but we’ll also have 7 billion healthier people, with/creating less problems. no?


singing imagine (for first time) during ukraine et al:





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