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been following @jaymo tweets for some time.. adding page this day


Every mile is two in winter (@thejaymo) tweeted at 11:17 AM – 8 Jun 2018 :
Heres my talk on Cyberpunk, Solarpunk, and Land as Platform back in May at @NieuweInstituut with slides cut to the audio: https://t.co/rePuiyIYGW(http://twitter.com/thejaymo/status/1005136824258482182?s=17)

we are starved for visions of the future that will sustain us

cyberpunk is about politics of the 80s.. urban decay and corp power and globalisation..

cyberpunk explored way tech can shove human life into every greater levels of abstraction like cyberspace – andrew hudson

if i had one piece of 2018 advice for literally everyone: talk loudly and frequently and in detail about the future you want.. you can’t manifest what you don’t share.. madeline ashby

so.. i am a solarpunk.. because the only other options are denial and despair

solarpunk truly began in brazil in 2012

a humanity in community w environment

12 min – my current research project: land as platform

there is no such thing as nature.. not w/o humans inside it.. the term rewilding should be considered code for allowing a community of entities to unfold in place and time..

model of a platform is to continuously flower.. not control..t

2 convos as infra/platform – let’s do this sensory ness chip first..


Every mile is two in winter (@thejaymo) tweeted at 5:19 AM on Sat, Jun 30, 2018:
@euvieivanova I spoke briefly about where I’m at after 7 years. First time I’ve ever talked about it online. https://t.co/kRpaOUGM2O

we must make claims about our perceptions of the world and the validity of those claims must be taken at face value..

in the world of fake news and post truth.. perhaps believing in the possibility of what someone is saying w/o requesting proof is a skill.. like active listening.. that can be exercised/built like a muscle..t

proof ness.. nothing to prove

assume good

listen deeper

my perceptions

1\ i see/feel convos.. feels like water

2\ i experience dialogue diff from convo

3\ convo on whatsup twitter.. text vs chat

4\ all convos are specialized..

5\ i no longer experience myself inside my head ..i am no longer situated inside my brain.. i screwed myself of mediating 6 months ago and it hasn’t returned..

let’s try these 2 convos



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Jay is concerned with: culture, humans, technology, infrastructure, and the unseen intersection points of these topics in our environment. He is passionate about DIY culture.


coined term: stacktivism


on write ing et al

I have no idea what’s going on.
But if I was going to guess: I’d say that the Internet connected the whole world, and we slowly collectively realised we had a 5k year hangover.
We haven’t yet processed the impact or implications of writing as a medium.
Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/thejaymo/status/1029470859478659073