it’s like the too big to know dilemma…

if we focus more on (gradually)

expecting more of people,

(since the ginormity of ALL all at once scares us. and since we think we have to know/do/be ALL, we’d better keep strategizing and planning and training and measuring our way to that ALL ness.)

we’ll most likely miss

the beauty/grace

of simplicity.


a couple examples:

one\integrating tech into the classroom..

how to keep up graphic


two\integrating self-directedness..


into the learner.

how to keep up with kids


these are both better, no doubt, as far as choice goes..

(and we appreciate/applaud people for trying),

but perhaps,

these won’t get us to where we are like

jack et al

at optimal potential.


And we don’t particularly like the toll (these assumed/ricidulous expectations) are taking on any/all of us.

Perhaps we slow down, pause, and just be/do/learn, no prep, no training, no keeping up-ness.