how to dance

dance ballet

dance defn

i don’t know how to dance very well.

it’s been a dream of mine.

to learn to dance.

but i’ve had too many inhibitions.

about doing it right.

some people have tried to help, some have run the other way.

most don’t really care (about me dancing), they have their own issues.

but what if it’s the image/myth/perpetuation of dancing right that keeps too many of us from being us/happy.

perhaps what our souls need is more like ..

a cha cha

dance sketch



perhaps improve

.. is more sustaining/fitting/energizing/boding to the human spirit.

perhaps we were created to live lives less bent on perfection/prep/following rules.

and more on following whimsy/spontaneity/glee/vulnerability/trust.


currently, i am dreaming of a dance that could free people up.

a dance of intention & action, of mind & heart, finding the thing you can’t not do & finding your people.

i’m imagining a dance of people & technology that might help us see ourselves/each other more clearly. that might help us see the layers of us.


it’s a dream of mine.. 8 billion people (all of us).. free enough to dance – improv.

perhaps that’s how we move.. how we ..



I think dancing is a very healthy way to go through life — instead of marching. I’m a bad dancer! But I love it.                              -Yoko Ono                       [grazie Adam]


neuroscientists reveal number one exercise slowing aging-process: dancing