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intro’d to this term by Benjmain Bratton via deep address:

Instead of the  popular term, “the internet of things,” which implies a network of physical objects, Bratton prefers the more esoteric sounding, “internet of haeccities” which would include objects, but also concepts and memes, addressable at the same level, but at multiple scales, through the same system.  “Scales blur and what seemed solid becomes fuzzy. Inevitably we see that any apparently solid scale is really only a temporary state of resolution.” 

The bottom line, says Bratton:

the inherent intelligence of the world could be more self-reflexive in new and important ways.

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haeccities or haecceities..?


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..denotes the discrete qualities, properties or characteristics of a thing which make it a particular thing. Haecceity is a person or object’s “thisness”, the individualising difference between the concept ‘a man’ and the concept ‘Socrates’ (a specific person).

Haecceity may be defined in some dictionaries as simply the “essence” of a thing, or as a simple synonym for quiddity orhypokeimenon. However, such a definition deprives the term of its subtle distinctiveness and utility. Whereas haecceity refers to aspects of a thing which make it aparticular thing, quiddity refers to the universal qualities of a thing, its “whatness”, or the aspects of a thing which it may share with other things and by which it may form part of a genus of things

The study of particular situations in their “haecceity” – aimed at disclosing the ordinary, ongoing social order that is constructed by the members and their practices – is the object of ethnomethodology.


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haeccities sounds like the things eudamonia ness

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