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gabor maté writing for toronto star about his talk w harry (mar 2023) – I talked to Prince Harry about trauma and therapy. Here’s what he got right about seeking help – []

What I have professionally witnessed and personally experienced is that self-knowledge can lighten the burdens of life. It is, indeed, possible to grow older; that is, to grow emotionally as we age. As we do, we become unburdened. “I was so much older then/I’m younger than that now,” Bob Dylan sang. Surely, he did not mean more jejune and immature, but with more range, more capacity for spontaneity, to play, to keep growing. Too, one can develop genuine self-esteem, not based on others’ valuations and approbation, but rooted in authentic self-acceptance, flaws and all. That may, of course, evoke the grief of letting go of who you thought you were and who the world that shaped you wanted you to be.

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No one can tell anyone else to undertake therapy. Unfortunately, even if it is desired, for many people, therapy is beyond economic reach. It is long past time that healthcare systems recognized the importance of psychological care and did something to cover such services— especially since busy physicians often aren’t able to provide it even if they appreciate the need for it.

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It’s almost a given that honest self-viewing may bring to the surface suppressed pain. But which pain, we may ask ourselves, would we rather live with—the pain of an unconscious life, forever acting out or attempting to escape our woundedness, or the liberating pain of knowing the truth, of bursting that bubble that has encased us and limited our possibilities?

To those still afraid of self-examination, here is what I advise: You have already been through the worst of it. The first time you endured the agony you now dread you were young, dependent, utterly vulnerable and helpless. Have confidence and be assured, you will never be that again. What you fear is not the future, but the past. And this time, you can ask for help.




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