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Dr Gabor Maté | Authenticity Can Heal Trauma (Part 2) with David Malone – nov 2022 – []:

Over four decades of clinical experience, Dr Gabor Maté has found that the common definition of ‘normal’ is false: virtually all disease is actually a natural reflection of life in an abnormal culture, as we grow further and further apart from our true selves. Filled with stories of people in the grip of illness or in the triumphant wake of recovery, this life-affirming talk from the beloved physician and author will show how true health is possible – if we are willing to embrace authenticity above social expectations.

notes/quotes from 17 min video:

2 min – you don’t want to talk to me if i haven’t swum yet

7 min – the child in order to survive will suppress their emotions .. associated w being accepted.. which is something a child can’t do w/o

9 min – so this is a conflict.. probably central to my work.. in all manner of conditions.. in all kinds of situations.. it’s a very powerful dynamic in adult relations.. the child has a need to belong to parents.. that drive to be close to be taken care of or to take care of.. is attachment.. so that’s fine.. but have this other need.. authenticity.. being in touch w selves.. essential also.. terrific.. but for sake of fitting w fam/culture.. have to give up our connection to ourselves.. our authenticity for sake of attachment.. so being inauthentic is how we survive.. we associate being ourselves with being in threat of being rejected.. so for rest of lives.. afraid to be selves.. t

maté trump law.. brown belonging law.. wilde not-us law et al..

missing pieces

12 min – in authenticity.. major cause in terms of physical/mental/relationship selves.. partner doesn’t know you because you’re afraid to be yourselves.. something happened between day born and few years later when no longer listened to gut feelings because couldn’t afford to.. something happened..

14 min – real development of the brain happens before words come along at all

15 min – we’re the only species .. the only species.. that creates environments destructive to its own species.. t that’s where the left brain has got us because the right brain is underdeveloped..

hari present in society law.. hari rat park law.. et al

need 1st/most: means to undo our hierarchical listening to self/others/nature so we can org around legit needs

16 min – we think we have one brain up here.. responds.. et al.. but also.. brain connected to heart.. nervous system that surrounds heart.. and gut has been called 2nd brain.. more neuro chemicals than brain.. when 3 brains in sync.. true wisdom..