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Haymarket Books (@haymarketbooks) tweeted at 3:27 PM – 5 Jun 2018 :
Wednesday! Join us live online for The Battle for Paradise: Resisting Disaster Capitalism in Puerto Rico w/ @yeampierre, @NaomiAKlein, @juangon68, Katia R. Aviles-Vazquez, and Edwin Morales #OurPowerPRnyc, w/ @theintercept & @strandbookstore LIVE STREAM: https://t.co/dvO297fy6Thttps://t.co/NBGDXUwR8N (http://twitter.com/haymarketbooks/status/1004112536822865922?s=17)

‘the word territory.. means someone has power.. and they just did that with 5000 people’ @yeampierre

‘imagine a puerto rican recovery designed by puerto ricans’ @betsyreed2

‘the key to success of the shock doctrine is secrecy’ @betsyreed2

‘found Seth Klarman –  Puerto Rico’s debt.. billionaire from boston’ @betsyreed2


‘privatizing of public resources’ @yeampierre

‘the big question hanging over the construction.. who is puerto rico for.. who gets to decide.. a people’s recovery was already under way before maria’ @NaomiAKlein

more than 80% of our food comes from abroad.. that’s a problem.. after maria.. has land.. but no harvest.. because had followed rules to crop coffee..

‘solar oasis.. farm school.. people have been able to power/feed communities.. but these are tiny islands.. ‘ @NaomiAKlein

‘many fear slowness to reopen schools is a plan to reform ed.. alliance/charter schools ‘ @NaomiAKlein

don’t allow parents to touch anything because of insurance

huge.. fighting for schools

saying the only solution is to privatize

an alt rooted in happiness

‘my dream.. a network of communities.. thru this crisis puerto ricans know what solutions are and are able to produce them..’ @yeampierre

‘doing a book fast enough to still be useful.. and no one was allowed to make money..’ @NaomiAKlein


‘on Elizabeth.. listening and finding out what helping really means..’ @NaomiAKlein

‘the barbarism of our economy laid bare in puerto rico.. to discount lives so sharply that you even refuse to report the dead’ @NaomiAKlein

‘i don’t think there was intent (to kill).. but i do know that there was knowledge.. and there were ways to make the dying stop.. we have to stop saying these deaths were a result of a natural disaster.. even the disaster wasn’t a natural disaster’ @NaomiAKlein

there may not be intent.. but boy is there indifference.. @NaomiAKlein

after the truth of crisis has been shown.. the economic crisis has increased.. @NaomiAKlein

‘the system had imposed a monoculture imposed system w external techs.. as an appendage of us.. so farmers were starving’ Katia R. Avilés-Vázquez

‘charity over solidarity.. to support their admin..’ Katia R. Avilés-Vázquez

‘today we got the announcement 264 schools are going to be closed.. sect of ed right after hurricane.. best opp to reform.. she tried to close many schools.. we learned from nola.. and we fought.. but there are ways to control people in a disaster’ @Edwin_Lorenzo


‘ie: imposed charter schools.. pr has a long history of not having charter schools.. upr (uni) closing half.. we’re still fighting.. ‘ @Edwin_Lorenzo

‘closing schools to take the money to pay for an illegal debt..trying to make terror to the people so they don’t protest..but we don’t have fear’ @Edwin_Lorenzo

‘@NaomiAKlein said.. homicide by public policy.. this issue of depopulating pr is not new..ie: they sterilized 1/3 of our women..that is genocide’ @yeampierre

‘we’re seeing it not only w the cryptocurrency arrogance.. we have to look at the history of pr to know where we’re going.. the purpose is to push us out..it’s always been about the lands.. history of taking from us’ @yeampierre

‘sometimes we forget that pr is the question.. here in the us it is pr that is our colony’ @juangon68

‘pr has more debt than any other state in the union than california..yet 1/10 size.. found 16 of 20 debt issues went largely to pay previous debts.. ie: wall street to pay themselves.. so .. knew it could never be paid.. ‘ @juangon68

‘this is why it’s so important to privatize.. so much cash to be had..’ @juangon68

‘we have to alert more people in the us.. pr is our problem here in the us’ @juangon68

yeampierre resilience law

‘on how to create local/livable econs.. the word ‘resilience’ doesn’t work for us.. because it means to bounce back to austerity..et al.. the language is unacceptable..’ @yeampierre

‘the idea of a just recovery is in envisioning what that justice looks like.. move away from extractive/capitalist econs’ @yeampierre

as it could be..

‘it isn’t tesla coming in and privatizing the grid.. the idea is frontline led/operated..’ @yeampierre

holmgren indigenous law

‘we will not be passive recipients to somebody’s good intentions/agenda.. the time for missionaries particularly in a colony.. the time for missionaries and the colonizing people that support them.. is over..’ @yeampierre

‘while govt keep imposing outside techs.. important that this is a shift from business as usual.. not just for the short term.. not just relief.. this is our lives’ Katia R. Avilés-Vázquez

‘we have been told.. if we fall in line.. if we behave.. it’s going to be ok.. but that has never been true’ Katia R. Avilés-Vázquez

‘vision for ed that goes beyond just stopping the closings..  can’t change ed system if you don’t change ie: colonization.. admin reform to put power into the communities’ @Edwin_Lorenzo

this is huge.. it’s beyond changing ed system..

if equity is everyone getting a go every day.. redefining public education becomes revolution of everyday life.. aka: global equity

in the city  .. as the day

we have to end the common core.. accountability .. this isn’t going to happen by compromising.. @Edwin_Lorenzo

‘in 71 in the young lords.. went to pr and began org’ing.. w/trying to serve the people programs..what i’m most elated about.. building from ground up..’ @juangon68

‘in 71.. pr a divided nation.. 1/3 in us.. 2/3 on island.. so pr in us were minor part.. today.. there are over 5 mn pr in us.. and 3 min in pr.. so 5/8 in us.. one thing that happened in this crisis was the outpouring.. however.. can’t be won w/o expanding to overall american population.. a national problem/issue’ @juangon68

‘#1 ask.. spread the word.. #2 don’t fall victim to savior complexes.. #3 the debt must be audited.. #4 hold us accountable for deaths .. jones act.. has to be gone  #5 le mesa has to be returned (pension..?) .. we now have the moral responsibility to disobey.. we ask you to stand w us’ Katia R. Avilés-Vázquez

@yeampierre @Edwin_Lorenzo


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Racial & Climate Justice Movement Builder, ED , Decolonized Bk of African/Indigenous ancestry – climate justice is racial justice 


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