casey gerald

casey gerald

intro’d to Casey – clips of sxsw.. then here ted2016 – The gospel of doubt:

i listened for silence…
still – silence ness..
in america.. even the 2nd coming of christ has a vip section

who had believed too much for too long to start doubting now..

11 min – 1/2 trill in a room.. 2 days later.. 50 blocks up the road – harlem – tony (harlem grown) – using pension from cab driving to start it and then giving up salary to feed others

12 min – the weight of revelation… wasn’t glaring ineq.. hungry/homeless.. rage to 1% or pity to 99.. it was because i realized.. i was the dialysis… for the country needing kidney transplant… my voice stood in for all those voices that seemed to unlearned/unwashed/unaccommodated… the shame in that… i had been dooped/hoodwinked/bamboozled.. but this time the false savior was me…

14 min – i’ve come so far that i’m right back where i started… we believe today just as much as any time before… ie: believe in brene, tony, nyt, ted, .. we want to believe.. we need to believe… we see suffering as nec to capitalism… tech as our word…

15 min – when we fail to question one brick because we fear it may shake our whole foundation..

it must be questioning time..
i offer a gospel of doubt.. it’s possible the answers/questions we have are wrong…
i am wrong ness
w/ all power we hold in our hands… why are people still suffering to bad
17 min – our time is too short and our odds are too long…
not our blind faith.. but our humble doubt….
raise our voice to whisper.. or to shout…

there must be a nother way

indeed ..

a nother way

we can. so we can’t  not..

for (blank)’s sake

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

short version


2014 – commencement speech – harvard business school

accepting face i was going to die.. i as no longer afraid

fear had been driving me for a very long time..

feedback loop broken ness

if want to change world in 20th cent – go to law school, 21st cent – go to business school

hbs reminding that we didn’t have to wait till we were rich/powerful.. we could act right here/now


great depression – hide money under floor boards.. today… dream depression..hiding dreams in all sorts of places..

not because of what we’ve done.. but because we have more work to do..

labor under a curse.. not for love.. but for lust.. not from the heart but from the glands.. – faulkner  – not making a living.. but making a live..

rev of everyday life ness

let us begin


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