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met Darcy at idea camp.

brilliant mind, heart of love.

Darcy is currently a phd student at Antioch. she recently finished her masters at Goddard.. what she has to say about her experience with Goddard:

..low residency (8 days a semester), campuses in Vermont & Washington State & by far the best/most challenging, rewarding & meaningful education experience I’ve had. Hands down. I’d be happy to intro you to faculty. They are stellar.

..the program is student driven & encourages alternative demonstrations of learning through a series of “packets” which are compiled into a portfolio of work. You will have to write some, but you could rap about your learning & it would count!  


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I’m an educator and a long-time advocate for young people and public education. My home and my heart are in Crook County, Oregon. Justice, equity and real opportunities matter here too.  As I travel and study the many bright spots in education, my heart always aches for what our kids are missing. I’m ready to change that… together we can redefine what it means to learn here in the high desert. The conversations have begun. Join us? We need you…

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