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intro’d to Amy here (via rt by Bud of a rt):

“You May Want to Marry My Husband” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

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actually.. feel in love with her site..  (esp the music when in music mode.. hope it’s always that song)

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then started taking her in..


9 min – and via my ipod.. a moment of peace

15 min – yellow.. color of optimism, wisdom and a positive future… please beckon lovely

here’s to saving the world by facilitating the beckoning of lovely via 7 bn people.. everyday.. as the day..

a nother way.. for (blank)’s sake


tedxwaterloo (2010)



there are 7 music notes.. a, b, c, d, e, f, g

1\ always trust magic… intersection of purpose and random happenstance

2\ beckon the lovely

3\ connected.. we are all jacqueline‘s blue sweater.. then has all of them text someone.. i love you

4\ do .. what it is we really should be doing.. that one thing.. why ruin/taint something by gabbing about it..

eudaimonia ness

5\ empty space.. in music.. space between notes.. integral to song.. change reaction to creation

quiet in a room..quiet enough.. silence.. still ness

6\ figure it out as you go.. pre planning gets us stuck..

whimsy ness.. ie: a nother way book..

7\ go to it.. thurman.. what makes you come alive.. go to it

thurman energy law

7 important notes to hit.. so what is the key.. the key is you.. each note must be played your way with your flare..

what lyrics go with these 7 notes.. the one essential sweeping statement..?

make the most of your time here



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Amy Krouse Rosenthal is an American author of both adult and children’s books, a short filmmaker, and former radio show host. Amy K.R. is best known for her memoir Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, her children’s picture books, and the film project The Beckoning of Lovely . She is a prolific writer, having published more than 30 children’s books since 2005. She is the only author to have three children’s books make the Best Children’s Books for Family Literacy list in the same year. She is a contributor to Chicago’s NPR affiliate WBEZ and to the TED conference


Amy K.R. is known for her innovative and participatory use of Facebook and Twitter. Her website was named one of the best official author websites, alongside Barbara Kingsolver and Stephen Kin


Amy K.R. lives in Chicago. She has three children. In 2017, she announced that she was terminally ill with ovarian cancer.



story corp 4 min audio w daughter

plan be

i just love that i have your handwriting on my body


from Mary Ann
way does lead on to way
ted 2018 – jason