where do the children play

Perhaps in a city – that cares for itself – Teny Gross

great reads on playing in the city:

Colin Ward‘s – Child in the City

Free Range Kids


Sam Williams (@play_future) tweeted at 3:36 AM – 31 May 2018 :
“@ArupGroup recently published a comprehensive report and guide on designing for #urbanchildhoods that importantly include case studies for youth participation, from small interventions to large-scale urban renewal.” https://t.co/tBjgDJuC6Y (http://twitter.com/play_future/status/1002121665294274561?s=17)

And here lies the challenge of child-friendly cities. It is time to move beyond participation and research and into the much more fraught world of implementation of design solutions. We are very good at talking about child-friendly cities, and we are getting better at having children participate in the engagement and design process, but we are still fairly dismal at getting things done at the street and neighbourhood level.


in the city .. as the day..

as it could be