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found out about Vishen and his work, via Adora and Jack..

in recent fb post he says:

The two most amazing teenagers I’ve ever met. Jack Andraka, who at the age of 15 invented a method to detect pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer and Adora Svitak, who gave a TED talk at the age of 13 with 2.4 MILLION views. Their parents deserve an award!
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and amazing work/play/vision – it is.

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vishen's site

I’m a computer engineer by training. But beyond that, I’m a humanist. I stand for ideas, companies and products that allow human beings to live healthier, enhance their happiness and magnify their potential. What I stand against are ideas, dogma and business that promote unhealthy products, industrial age ideas, or primitive notions of man’s place in the world.

As a result almost all my businesses involve products or services that change human behavior to encourage human beings to enhance their lives, their health, expand their visions and shake off the shackles from cultural baggage of the past. I call this culture hacking.

Vishen is founder and CEO of:

mindvalley site

Founded in 2003, Vishen’s vision for Mindvalley was to build a company whose mission was to bring enlightenment and personal growth to the world in a scalable way using a hybrid of marketing and technology.

Vishen works with authors, thinkers, and leaders who have pioneered new ways of doing traditional things: parenting, entrepreneurship, spiritual growth, self-development and more. Mindvalley’s team of programmers and marketers then work to build the systems to take these ideas mainstream. His goal was to bring his own passion of personal growth to the masses in hopes of creating a better world.

The result is a new kind of publishing company; one that merges software, mixed media, video, mobile apps and social networks to put authors in the personal development movement in front of the internet generation while bypassing traditional media like printed books.


brules – on dogma that can’t be questioned


fb share by Vishen

This video lays out my entire weekly body and mind hacking regimen for anyone to copy. Back story: I turned 40 in Jan this year at my worst weight level, least fit, and poorest health ever. It was due to the dual stress of being CEO of a company and writing a major book. But this was just the kick in the butt I needed to begin serious experimenting on my health.

Between April and June, in 9 short weeks, I had gone from 22% bodyfat to 15% bodyfat, pudgy to ripped, and had more energy, strength, and stamina than my 27-year-old self. I explain my entire approach and all my experiments in this 30 min video. The before/after pic is real and all of this done in less than 20 mins a day of time. In the video, I tear apart a series of myths and dumb beliefs about health and the body that I think hold many of us back. Enjoy.

thinking mom

a lot of what we think about health .. are bullshit rules

adding 5-25 yrs

2 min – biohacking the mind – dave aspery – consciousness is hackable

can reverse frequency in brain – zen – newspan.. looking at and learning what brain states relate to ways you act.. creativity et al

4 min – radical forgiveness is the key to the healthiest brain state.. every single day

5 min – deep states of meditation – nothing comes close to the 6 phase.. 20 min hack.. too many stop because there are so many rules..

6 levels of self: 1\compassion – you start to give a damn about rest of world  2\gratitude – single largest correlation with well-being 3\forgiveness  …then on future 4\vision 3 yrs ahead 5\vision for day 6\feeling supported\extraordinary – online version of book free

8 min – biohacking the body

how to measure fitness 1\resting heart rate – higher means less fit  2\set points.. simple measure to lock onto particular health level..

his set points: belt loop and 50 push ups… non-negotiable points.. so then set point correction procedure (go back to gym and change eating for a week)

14 min – can get min/dose exercise in 7 min.. no need for an hour..

15 min – kettlebell swings for 2 min

tabata for 4 min

biohacking the diet

20 min – whey protein gnc shake w/in 40 min after workout – 40% higher muscle gains..

skin – sunscreen.. sun on face ages you most .. showed truck driver face..

95% of body shape is what you eat  5% is exercise

diet: wildfit

25 min – hunger is often thirst..  drink water

easy to retrain mind from cravings… replaced with sparkling water… plastic bottle water industry.. bad.. don’t use that.. today billion plastic bottles…. then talks.. soda stream usa .. no plastic waste

28 min – good breakfast.. jj virgin’s shakes


vishen lakhiani on unwedding (redefining marriage ing) – 6 min video – An Alternative to Painful Divorce, How to Consciously Uncouple