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illustration by Charity Atukunda.. oh my.. more linked to image, to her name, and more on Charity here:

Atukunda’s work is an exploration and uncovering of history in order to contextualize her personal experiences as well as an attempt to escape from the exoticism of what ‘African’ or ‘black woman’ looks like. The results manifest primarily as illustrations or paintings and most recently, in the experimental use of digital tools in her daily interactions to explore her creative capacity, therefore reconciling the need to create with the lack of time to do so.

Atukunda’s style is marked by a conscious use of pattern, symbolism and mythical allusions. In the process of creating she enters a deep research process to avoid taking any ‘historical facts’ for granted. Her excavation of history and of her own artistic process trace a similar trajectory of deconstruction and self-education.

lives in kampala.. where hamza is.. and unable to get a visa to come to idec 13

intro’d her work here:

ℳąhą Bąℓi, PhD مها بالي  (@Bali_Maha) tweeted at 5:49 AM – 21 Jul 2019 :
“we pay an emotional tax, and we have to weigh this tax against the chance of leaving our countries to travel to and participate in the rest of the world.”
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imagine life sans inspectors of inspectors.. policyness.. et al

discrimination as equity