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To support South Vietnam’s struggle against the communist insurgency, the United States began increasing its contribution of military advisers, using the 1964 Tonkin Gulf incident as a pretext for such intervention. US forces became involved in ground combat operations in 1965, and at their peak they numbered more than 500,000. The US also engaged in a sustained aerial bombing campaign. Meanwhile, China and the Soviet Union provided North Vietnam with significant material aid and 15,000 combat advisers. Communist forces supplying the Viet Cong carried supplies along the Ho Chi Minh trail, which passed through Laos.

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Estimates of the number of Vietnamese soldiers and civilians killed vary from 966,000 to 3,812,000. The conflict also resulted in 58,318 US soldiers dead


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IPEN: toxics-free (@ToxicsFree) tweeted at 2:00 AM – 27 Aug 2018 :
#Vietnam spends USD$431.1 million annually to cover health care expenses related to #AgentOrange exposure – and that’s why the recent #Monsanto court ruling has captured their attention #GMO #polluterpays

Peter Doodes (@peterdoodes) tweeted at 2:31 AM – 27 Aug 2018 :
@ToxicsFree So the US bombs them and saturates them in Cancer-Causing Agent Orange, and then sells them the Meds needed to fight the cancers. So basically, the people of Vietnam are slave workers of the USA. Have I got that correct? (

IPEN: toxics-free (@ToxicsFree) tweeted at 3:01 AM – 27 Aug 2018 :
@peterdoodes The pharma part is not clear – but it is a rough history with a legacy of contaminated sites and multi-generational impacts on people. There is a clear need to operationalize the polluter pays principle – for justice & to prevent future tragedies (


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As one who reported the American assault on Vietnam, its atrocities and deceit, and the heroism of its defenders, including the young often all-women anti-aircraft crews that brought down the likes of John McCain, I recommend the following piece: (

she recast Vietnam, America’s most brutal and barbaric war, as a noble fight “for the life and liberty of other people’s in other lands”.


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46 min – during ww1 – 10% of deaths were civilian, ww2 – 50%, nam – 70%, iraq – 90% – the killing of civilians and wilfully causing great suffering is a war crime – fourth geneva convention – 1949


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Project 100,000: The Vietnam War’s needless experiment

  • During the Vietnam War, Robert McNamara began a program called Project 100,000.
  • The program brought over 300,000 men to Vietnam who failed to meet minimum criteria for military service, both physically and mentally.
  • Project 100,000 recruits were killed in disproportionate numbers and fared worse after their military service than their civilian peers, making the program one of the biggest—and possibly cruelest—mistakes of the Vietnam War.

Ostensibly, the project’s goals were to combat poverty. Lyndon B. Johnson had recently begun his War on Poverty program. Thanks to the G.I. bill and other veterans’ programs, military service can be a great way to get out of poverty. But this was a nice bonus to the project’s other purpose: The Vietnam War needed more men, and lowering recruitment standards was one way to get them.