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Tolu is one of idec 2013’s coffee talkers:

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connected to Henry Giroux?

Jeff Sturges?

Dan Gilbert?

Ammerah Saidi -detroit future schools?

hope center – malcolm x bldg?

Jane Adhiambo Chiroma

Hamza SSerwadda

a teenage hacker in Kenya


This program is actually being run in Ypsilanti. There are 15 schools arnd Ypsi and Westland.

A lot of community engagement – I’ll be bringing in tons of artists and performers to run workshops
I’ll be hosting a weekly listening project, story telling circle and possibly panel.
And then Radio Club, where the students get to record a show on social issues.
80-100 kids
In Detroit there’s business, government, then people.
the first runs the next two.
this project – begs to be controlled by people.
Tolu posts on fb..
Haven’t written in a while. Kiese Laymon put me bk to work.
muc men by tolu

 This was one of our many makeshift classrooms, where conversation was curriculum.

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