the river why


37 min – titus: how can you be so patient in searching for fish and so hasty in writing off your soul because you can’t see it

43 min – titus: it’s the.. i wish i knew.. that is crucial.. otherwise.. abandon the search.. no one has ever discovered any truth but barfing up ss answers to questions

44 min – so no matter how hopelessly stupid i am.. in comparison to.. my essence/soul.. i still have a profound purpose..

56 min – *i just knew you had some way of looking at things.. some way of looking at life and the world which is exactly the way of looking at things that i’ve been trying.. to look at things..

in my whole life i’ve only met two people who have ever looked at things.. anyway close.. to that way.. and that was my little brother and a philosopher who talks to his dog.. and with both of them it was love at first sight too..
*gus connection law
imagine getting that connection 24/7.. all of us..
ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

1:14 – as we walked up river.. i felt like we were on a primordial journey to some forgotten ancient home.. the fisherman in me was being unmade.. w so light a line there could be no question of ever bringing this great fish to bay.. so there would be no betrayal/struggle/sacrifice/death.. there’s on a chinook leading an undone fisherman deeper into the night

1:16 – as i watched the sun wake the valley ..i felt as though an oldest/greatest/longest lost friend had come to walk the road unseen beside me.. and just as quickly.. he left.. blended w sunlight

1:17 – i knew from this point on *there was no escape and no where to go.. i was already there

*gus already law

1:22 – love.. like a trout stream.. try to capture it.. w/dam it.. then a lake.. in bucket.. then bucket of water.. under microscope..then close up look of micro..  it’s only a trout when it’s flowing between its own two banks.. at its own pace.. in its own sweet way


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