steve schultze

steve shultze

intro’d to Steve via aaron swartzinternet’s own boy

open library ness

29 min – what got Aaron into so much trouble – how to bring public access to the public domain – like having a national park with a moat around it  – Brewster Kahle

30 min – Stephen Shultze – finds pacer (access to legal documents in the us is a 10 billion/year business – abomination of public services – brain dead code – policy/roadblocks to the hilt – it’s a poll tax to the access to justice) – and Carl Malamud (public resource)- pacer alone makes 120 mill a year – which is illegal – only supposed to take in what is needed to maintain/reimburse costs to run it

Tim O’reilly – the law is the operating system of our democracy – and you have to pay to see it?

32 min – this is something that has to be a collaboration between a lot of people

e govt act – showing that pacer is illegal..    so pacer puts up 17 libraries for free access… so Malamud starts this thumb drive revolution.. as a joke – link went to oz video.. but Aaron wants to join the thumb drive core – intervention on the pacer problem – Shulze shows Swarz the code – and Aaron improves on it – which then works exponentially well

34 min – Malamud – i agree that 20 million pages of text exceeds the vision of the 17 trial libraries open – via pacer – but surprising a bureaucrat isn’t illegal...


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I work on global internet freedom at the State Department. Formerly of , . I tweet about tech policy and electronic music.



Steve Schultze (@sjschultze) tweeted at 6:50 AM – 1 Mar 2018 :

This was a FOIA to the DOJ I did a while back. They didn’t give me anything and I decided not to sue. It was mostly a fun exercise in pointing out that the DOJ wasn’t following its own FOIA guidance. (