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“Making Government Information More Accessible”

intro’d to Carl Malamud and public resource via Aaron Swartz.

show me the manual aka: code mania…

Published on Jul 14, 2012

Why the law should be available for all to read and copy, an explanation of what we do at Public.Resource.Org. Learn more about our work at

3 min – when some one can say to you that this is the law – but we can’t read it unless we pay for it.. – Tim O’Reilly

7:50 – if law isn’t public it isn’t law. mr. Justice Breyer

11 min – maker ness – Dale Dougherty

12 min – code for america

16 min – we need to start caring about govt again – we need to make it work for the people –  Jennifer Pahlka

16:30 – let every sluice of knowledge be set a-flowing – John Adams – democracy will only work if the citizenry is informed


all well and good..

but imagine what we could do with less.


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