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richard saul wurman

I first met Richard at bif 6.

Richard is known for a lot of things, one being, that he founded TED (then passed on to Chris Anderson).

The biggest impression Richard left with me was this..

richard's quote

The graphic above links to his talk at bif 6.

We do miss out on so much, because of our obsession with the prestige of knowledge. We fake things in order to maintain that prestige.  Perhaps the worst is the 16,ooo hours, the 12+ years, that we do things for prestige/diploma/grades/praise – without questioning if it matters. Perhaps that’s where we get trained to well, in doing just that, the rest of our lives.

Perhaps Kathryn Schulz‘s research in wrongology, or Brene Brown‘s research in vulnerability and shame, can help us detox into grokking what matters.


Duke Stump insists that you “quiet your cleverness.” The trick isn’t coming up with an interpretation of events that allows you to maintain your worldview; it is to accept what happens without stopping to interpret it according to your biases.

Icarus Deception


Our short little conversation led to a brief connection of Aaron (a young storm-chaser in the lab) and Richard’s son, Josh (an older storm chaser – who lives in Boulder, 30 min away).


can’t wait to hear more about this:

wurman site

see www conference page – with write up from Thomas Fisher.

Find him on wikipedia here.

Or his family site:

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Richard spoke briefly at bif 9 – he talked about his next conference, 555, and about the urban observatory:

555 conf

I just try to struggle through scamming everybody to do something once a year — one big project,” said Wurman during a phone call Tuesday. “I’m trying to reinvent what gatherings are.


and highly intriguing – urban observatory:

urban observatory


a quiet revolution..


really big understanding

really big understanding – Richard Saul Wurman

I would definitely join this movement, if the tools were in place. 

mechanism in place


Richard at bif10:

Richard – orchard of understanding.. i know i’m not bright.. so things can come in. i can see patterns. secret to success: i want to have interesting days. a joke is the opposite of expectations.. a radical alternative. opposites of things are amazing. the unexpected.

i know i'm not bright







april 2015 – 60 minutes does ted:


talks interview

Well if you do something and it turns out really well, why would you do it again? I realized a little while ago that if you do something, and you keep on doing it better and better and better, that is almost embarrassing. I did a conference a year and a half ago, the WWW Conference, and it was the best conference, by far, that I’ve ever done. It was terrific. But what people asked when it was over was when was I going to do it again? (Laughs) What a funny question. Why would I do it again? It worked so well. I mean, I did it, why do another one? Why wouldn’t you choose something else to do?


Have an interesting life.


from www conf – great ideas go unbuilt

fb by richard.. from www