richard grove

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intro’d to Richard via his interview with John T Gatto..


oct 2012

9/11 Insider Trading Whistleblower & Voluntary Servitude


june 2013:

Public School Is Brainwashing / Richard Grove interviewed by Rob Dew on the InfoWars Nightly News

15 min – clip 1 – need to get back to trusting our own minds (ie: legal to think for self)

ie: self-talk as data

26 min – clip 2 – operant conditioning

33 min – pluralistic ignorance ness


jan 2014

The Rothschild-Rockefeller Cartel VS Humanity


intrigued w/use of brain..

interview 2013 with Brett:

the brain

use of brain – vision of  c app

1:00 – via Richard – about taking your life back

stimulus are the inputs

about (Gatto‘s) writing own script.. organizing that writing.. aid in communicating ideas

ie: hlb via 2 convers that io dance..


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