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But at its core, the story of Place is an eternal story, about the three forces that humanity needs to make art, creation, and technology possible.

1\ First came the Creators. They were the artists to whom the blank canvas was an irresistible opportunity.

The problem was less one of immaturity, and more of the fundamental complexity of the creative process. What the Creators were starting to face was something that would become the defining theme of Place: *too much freedom leads to chaos. Creativity needs constraint as much as it needs freedom.

When anyone could put any pixel anywhere, how does it not lead immediately to mayhem?

*i think this is myth that is keeping us from us – rather .. not enough freedom.. ie: 100% is what leads to chaos

so.. thinking the experiment we really need to try.. is a rat park (open enough system).. for all of us.. with a mech (simple enough) to facil the chaos of 7bn alive (deep enough) people.. ie: short bit

2\  Protectors..Another set of users emerged, who would soon address this very problem.

But like the primitive Creators, they weren’t yet self-aware of their purpose on the great white canvas. Instead, they began by simplifying the experiment into a single goal: world conquest.

This was a turning point. The mindless Factions had turned into beneficent Protectors. – ie: these 3 off limits

Finally at peace with the ravenous color horde, the Creators *turned back to their creations. They started making them more complex, adding one element after another.

don’t believe there’d be need to protect.. or to *turn back to creation if doing.. 100% of people gershenfeld sel..

But not all was well. The Protectors who they had once welcomed with relief had become tyrants dictating fashion. They decided what could and couldn’t be made. It wasn’t long before Creators started chafing under their rule.

Meanwhile, with the issue of artwork resolved, the Factions had turned their sights on each other, forcing followers to choose sides in epic battles. They had little time to pay attention to the pathetic pleas of Creators who wanted approval for ideas of new art.

The fights between the Protectors got nasty.

But the biggest problem of all was one of the only hard rules of Place — it couldn’t grow. With the Factions engaged in a massive battle among themselves, the Creators started realizing there wasn’t space to make new Art

Leaders form the Protectors and the Creators and met each other in chat rooms, but mostly they just pointed fingers at each other.

What Place needed was a villain that everyone could agree upon.

3\ Destroyers.. Enter the Void.

The Void was no Protector. Unlike the Factions, it professed no loyalty to Art. Followers of the Void championed its destructive egalitarianism, chanting only that “the Void will consume.” They took no sides. They only wanted to paint the world black.

But the Void was not easy to vanquish, because the Place needed it. It needed destruction so that new Art, better Art, would emerge from the ashes. Without the Void, there was no force to clean up the old Art.

This was exactly the kick in the ass that Place needed. While Creators had been busy fighting each other, and Protectors still measured themselves by the extent of canvas they controlled, a new threat — a real threat — had emerged under their nose.

Against the face of extinction, they banded together to fight the Void and save their Art.

And so, by design or not, the Void gave birth to some of the largest Art in the Place

They just needed an idea good enough, with enough momentum and enough followers, to beat the black monster.

That idea was the American flag.


They were people who otherwise tear each other apart every day — Trump supporters and Trump resisters, Democrats and Republicans, Americans and Europeans. And here they were coming together to build something together, on a little corner of the Internet, proving in an age when such cooperation seems impossible, that they still can. canvas. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that on an anonymous, no-holds-barred space on the Internet, there were no hate or racist symbols at all.

It is a beautiful circle of art, life and death. And it isn’t the first time in our history that we’ve seen it.

Many millenia before Place, when humanity itself was still in its infancy (the real one, not the one on Reddit), Hindu philosophers theorized that the Heavens were made of three competing, but necessary, deities that they called the Trimurti. They were Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Protector, and Shiva the Destroyer.

Without any single one of them, the Universe would not work. For there to be light, there needed to be dark. For there to be life, there needed to be death. For there to be creation and art, there needed to be destruction.

Over the last few days, their vision proved prescient. In the most uncanny way, Reddit proved that human creation requires all three.

i don’t know.. i don’t think we need protectors or destroyers.. i think those functions are baked into each one of us.. so that it’s not really destroying as in fighting.. it’s doing it over..


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Sebastian (@dentlike) tweeted at 6:42 AM – 11 Apr 2017 :

What a story! Not only the experiment itself, but also the article with all the different groups and snapshots. Read! (


For once the trolls did not fuck everything up + according to this piece enabled amazing piece of anonymous art


Given the openness of the instructions, the great abundance of flags is disturbing.


as someone mentioned, easy as hell to make. Hope that’s the explanation.

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Jordan Greenhall Yes. This is fundamental. If understood it shows much of the way that we humans make it to the next level.

Jon Husband Yup, I think so too. Arguably it’s a decent description of what’s been going on as humans have populated the planet and done their thing. Is it ‘algorithmic’ or beyond that ?

perhaps it’s what happens when we conflate human ness into algorithmic ness.. ie: not us – i don’t think we need protectors or destroyers.. if we’re truly us

Jordan Greenhall One question. What is the analog to the Void in the current world? It it yet strong enough?

Jon Husband << What is the analog to the Void in the current world? It it yet strong enough? >>

Un- or semi-consciously detached from selves ?


WIRED (@WIRED) tweeted at 6:24 AM – 16 Jan 2018 :

And the Reddit community that may just be our best hope for civil discourse on the internet