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#digped keynote w @hypervisible [Chris Gillieard] [and Maha Bali]

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7 min – Chris: i am a capitalist by birth, not by choice

12 min – Chris shares from Nick Srnicek’s book – platform capitalism:

platforms are digital structures that enable two or more groups to interact.. a platform provides the basic infrastructure to mediate between two diff groups. while often presenting themselves as empty spaces for others to interact on, they in fact embody a politics.

13 min – Chris – in other words.. when we are on platforms.. we are embodying the politics of the people who made them.. the investment of the people how make those platforms is for us to naturalize those relationships.. to assume that they’re necessary, inevitable, even that they’re good

Tarleton Gillespie:

terms [like platform] ‘institute’ a way of being: as Bourdieu put it ‘they sanction and sanctify a particular state of things, an established order, in exactly the same way that a constitution does in the legal and political sense of the term.

human\e constitution ness

14 min – Chris: so billions of dollars are put into these things to make us act this way.. not only do they tell us that that way to act is natural.. but they limit our imagination in terms of thinking about what is possible

16 min – Chris: in ed tech – when vendors telling you.. need more data.. telling you that extraction is the model.. and i’m here to tell you that i don’t accept that model


Astra Taylor‘s – the people’s platform

platform coop

platform – Veness Miemis – platform of future


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do platforms bypass or replace institutions

50% get news from facebook.. mark (after elections) saying.. we’re not a media space.. so paradox..  if replacing.. who is taking care of public values

seeing clash about power.. now.. governed by the 5.. transforming structure of our institutions.. how do we deal with these


Jonathan Zittrain (@zittrain) tweeted at 12:46 PM – 22 Aug 2018 :
It’s strange to have to study online platforms as if they’re cosmological phenomena observed through radio telescopes, requiring indirect measurement and careful speculation, rather than just having the people who built and manage them simply tell us what’s up. (