noelle (story of)

4 min – inspired by family in cape code who threw christmas party everyday.. cape cod very quiet.. packed w a huge variety of people.. jamaican, rastafarians, brazilians, portuguese, asians.. the unity/at this party struck me.. got me thinking how we as believers should be behaving all the time.. loving each other and enjoying each other..

love one another

5 min – i thought.. how can i show how hypocritical we are.. show this guy.. and then redeem him

judge\ment ness

unconditional ness

in my mind it was about forgiveness.. i think forgiveness is the most beautiful thing in the world.. and to show that.. is what i wanted to do

7 min – i was keenly aware that i’ve got to approach this beautifully that would entice rather than.. to lean forward and try to listen.. i don’t want you to back up and say.. i don’t want to see this.. i want to draw you in.. and that’s done thru beautiful images/humor/romance/mystery. that’s the way i believe you draw people in.. verdicts still out on that theory.. we’ll wait and see

12 min – brennan: fav scene.. when i got to smile..

(your smile made the whole statement)

19 min – kelly: i think it’s in us to want life for all of us..

on each heart ness


Noëlle is a 2007 drama film written, produced, and directed by David Wall who also stars as Father Jonathan Keene, a Catholic priest who comes to a small American fishing village in the Christmas season to shut down a dying parish, only to experience a personal transformation as he encounters the eccentric townspeople.


watched it ( intrigued that david wall ( wrote/directed/starred in it.. and his wife and 3 of his kids – 2 older boys and brennan (as noelle – 6 at the time) starred in it.. simeon (sean patrick brennan & exec producer – namesake?.. and sean ‘known for what’s eating gilbert grape’ – (can’t find what he did)

love what david says above in his interview.. about his inspiration et al