monika’s brain

from Jerry and the brain..

my brain 4

(was) working on my brain. (now just adding stuff on this site)


Jerry has been doing his brain for 15 19.. ? years.

he wishes people’s brains could interact, dance with each other, share, co-learn. he’s taught me much about interconnectedness, and the brain/we work.

i kept finding myself wishing i could get all the organizational scheme Jerry has (ie – i haven’t touched my brain in quite some time – am braining/ni-ing on this site).. but then i realized.. that’s what the web is about.. everyone gets to define their own organizational scheme… app or whatever.. as personal fabrication..

going after devices that get you to fully participate in life. creating ambient awareness.


in playing with the brain, and Arzu’s mapping book, and this site, and reading books, and meeting up with people, .. and.. and..

and listening to Alex & Clive & Thad & kids & myself, .. about wearable devices..

and our ongoing vision of making our days matter – by finding our art and finding our people ..

and equity… everyone getting a go at being fully alive

it’s got me dreaming of a dance.

document everything ness.

– – –

so now – 2015 – jerry’s (style) brain..

and more (my style) brain.. output ness