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first intro’d to Mo here: voices from guantánamo:

Moazzam Begg (Part 1 of 4)

held for 3 years w/o charge/trial/explanation.. and then i was released w/o charge/trial/explanation


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Ex-US soldier who guarded me in #Gitmo just stayed with me & met my family. This time I had the keys #TheConfession

Saw @Moazzam_Begg in @AshGhadiali’s ‘The Confession’. A compelling, painful, empowering film

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the right to self defense is not the right to offend

coming into conflict with the west would also mean coming into conflict with home.. which i never abdicated..

the got has a narrative that this is all about ideology.. religion…. i say it’s not.. it’s about torturing/bombing/abusing/killing… the state was flying into confrontation with me.. i wasn’t anti state.. the state was anti me… they’re not responsible.. they’re completely immune..


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@@K_interarma (rt from Moazzam)

A conversation between @Moazzam_Begg and Albert, one of his former guards at Guantanamo. Profoundly human.…







3 min – i saw the real you then.. that’s why i’m here now..

6 min – i didn’t see color, religion, i just saw people..

9 min – not only a prisoner of some bogus war.. but a friend

10 min – when i see another human being tortured… it killed me.. what grown men do to other grown men makes me sick..

11 min – we don’t fight an army.. we fight everyday people


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My speech at Logan Hall last week: The Two Jeremys and the ‘War on Terror’ | Moazzam Begg

jul 2016








2 min – they gave me complicity torture.. and a copy of jeremy paxman book – i asked him why do you think security gave me a copy of your book.. and he didn’t know what to say…

he says in book – that the english people tend to support the underdog.. while i disagree.. at least the notion we can adhere to..

3 min – in comparison to what’s happening today – underdog: jeremy corbyn.. people celebrated in this country.. are the war criminals.. those complicit in torture.. that has tried to make our teachers/educators into informants and our students into suspects…

4 min – the people who voted for the war don’t want a man like corbyn

if you can remain silent.. it’s all good.. but if you start calling for accountability..they will vilify you..  one thing they can’t stand.. that you keep standing up and are patient in the face of adversity..

5 min – the war on terror that began in 2001 has not ended..  there on unintended consequence.. what do you mean.. when you go to war.. death is end .. very intended..

6 min – our external policy has made a difficult internal policy… ie: make it a statutory duty on everyone in public sector to spy on those we think extreme: those who fail to adhere to law, believe in democracy and show mutual respect..

7 min – my best friend is at g for 14 yrs w/o charge/files.. his children in britain..

8 min – if i was complicit.. i’d be prosecuted.. but because security involved..

reason we went to war.. torture of people.. ie: if you do not coop.. we’ll do to you what we did to..

9 min – is… held.. and tortured by americans..  orange suits.. not in relation to g.. but because they themselves were dressed in orange suits… 2010 obama blocking images of images from iraq.. showing torture/abuse/rape of women and children.. he said would damage our war efforts… but already damaged when allow to do something like this…

10 min – when i was in prison.. i knew.. war taking place.. but people on streets… fighting for people who have been oppressed..

11 min – when you’ve got a person with integrity compared to career politicians.. no contest..

12 min – remain upbeat.. out of adversity.. good can emerge.. if true to our principles..


and this

Moazzam Begg on accountability: Understanding ways to stop the cycle of violence -2015






one reason i ever went to syria.. when i was held by americans.. they said if i didn’t coop they’d send me to syria.. i didn’t know intelligence corp between british and asad regime..

my primary reason was speak with people who had been a part of that rendition process.

during that time i met some brothers who were later taken into custody by some malatia.. all muslims… while in detention center.. i heard the sounds of screams.. couldn’t believe it.. i asked this man.. are you torturing brothers.. and he said.. this is not torture..

one thing that echoes important of cage prisoners.. he said.. brother.. when i saw you i knew.. cage is at work on my case.. and i knew i’d be freed..

4 min – him and two other brothers being tortured were released.. by pressure i placed onto this group from other rebel groups… that group went on to become part of isis.. who knew this at the time.. who knew this work was going on…

from inside prison… (james foley) i know what it’s like to be dressed in an orange suit and be threatened with execution.. (alan henning)

8 min – i call upon the principle of mercy

10 min – (on govt saying.. they know the people) – did you open and tear their hearts open and see what was inside..

we have no idea.. unless we just know people – anyone of us – as one of us..

how come you didn’t save your people like they saved their people… they keep telling us they’re watching us .. and we say – so what.. we’re watching you right back

the vilification we keep receiving from these people has begun to stop hurting… if you want to know where the people of truth are.. just follow the arrows of the enemy..

or perhaps.. assume.. we are all people … of truth.. if set free… no enemies..

there is a nother way

12 min – if you’re not prepared to die for it.. take the word freedom out of vocab

14 min – this govt are the ones who gave us isis

15 min – hold yourself to account before you are accounted… on complicity in torture..

16 min – irony.. we know these inquiries are meaningless.. they’re just ticking boxes.. but it’s ok.. the people will begin to see

17 min – they don’t like an articulate muslim voice.. one word.. accountability… that’s one word that power doesn’t like..

18 min – it has changed so much.. we don’t recognize it anymore..

the broken feed back loop.. from ie: voluntary compliance et al…

19 min – to assure there is no oppression neither from us or to us… as long as there is a breath in our body.. we stand against oppression..



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Author, ex-Guantanamo prisoner, war on terror consultant & advocate for the rights of those held unjustly. Director of Outreach, CAGE

CAGE Advocacy UK Ltd is an independent not-for-profit organisation working to empower communities impacted by the War on Terror. The organisation highlights and campaigns against state policies, striving for a world free from oppression and injustice.

Watch this short video of our Directors and Senior Staff talking about CAGE, our history, our work and how you can help.




original line was.. we are the voice for the voiceless

we wanted to know who these people were – bush said they were the worst of the worst.. we needed to hear their stories

not defending individuals per se.. but principles…

no matter who you are.. what you did.. there are principles at stake..

in the absence of these mechs.. can only be one outcome – injustice

we have to defend the rights of everyone…

there must be.. in order to end conflict.. the desire to humanize those people you have been regarding as the enemy..


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Moazzam Begg (Urdu: مُعَظّم بیگ‎; born 1968 in Sparkhill, Birmingham) is a British Pakistani who was held in extrajudicial detention by the US government in the Bagram Theater Internment Facilityand the Guantanamo Bay detainment camp, in Cuba, for nearly three years after being arrested inPakistan in February 2002. Arrested by Pakistani police at his home, he was transferred to the custody of US Army officers, who took him first to their detention centre at Bagram, Afghanistan.

The Pentagon has claimed Begg was an enemy combatant and al-Qaeda member, who recruited, provided money for their training camps, and trained at their camps to fight US or allied troops. Begg acknowledged having spent time at two camps and given some financial support to fighters, but denies that he was directly involved in terrorism.

Begg says that he was abused by guards at Bagram, and saw two detainees beaten to death. After a military investigation in response to other reports of abuse, in 2005 United States officials charged seven American guards at Bagram with homicide and criminal assault.

The UK government intervened with the United States on behalf of its citizens detained at Guantanamo; most were released in 2004. President George W. Bush had Begg released without charge on 25 January 2005. The Pentagon, CIA, and FBI objected. Begg and other British citizens who had been detained at Guantanamo sued the British government for complicity in their alleged abuse and torture while held in US custody. In November 2010, the British Government announced an out-of-court financial settlement with several men, including Begg.

After his release, Begg became a media commentator on issues pertaining to the UK Muslim community, and UK and international anti-terror measures. He toured as a speaker about Guantanamo and other detention facilities. Begg co-authored a book, and has written newspaper and magazine articles. He was interviewed in Taxi to the Dark Side, (2008), a documentary about the torture of prisoners held by Americans.

In 2014 the British government arrested Begg on charges of alleged terrorist activities during theSyrian civil war. Charges were dropped and he was released before trial when it was shown thatMI5 knew of his travel to Iraq.


prison ness

cure violence..  so where is the disease coming from… no?

just mercy ness

a nother way



NOW LIVE: I’m addressing Puerto Rico a University with ex-military commander Lenhart on the promise to close #Gitmo:…

the presumption of innocence is what has to be maintained.. where was it ever determined we were enemies of anything..

we’re at the point.. that people from both sides have brought so much hatred into the rhetoric.. (woman having to disrobe at gunpoint on beach)

these soldiers for whatever reason.. didn’t seem same as everyone else..

meeting – with my guard.. initiated by .. ordinary people..

guy talking after him.. was engineer.. that built guantánamo.. he says..

goal of terrorism is to change behavior… i didn’t follow geneva conventions in 4 ways 1\ didn’t have musical instruments 2\ did have housing for all guards 3\ didn’t have heat 4\ didn’t pay guards in swiss franks

we failed at #5 – having enough evidence to hold people.. best proof.. sent wrong people to g – 780 taken … 687 released back w/o any action..

why should we close.. 1\cost.. 2\ hurts in prosecution against terrorism.. feeds into narrative.. military commissions create a facade of justice..  makes mockery of claim that we are a nation of laws  3\ status inconsistent with our values as americans.. ie: oath officers take.. say will support constitution.. don’t say will obey president/officers.. to have a place on earth where constitution doesn’t apply.. when we fail to live by that remarkable document.. diminishes us as a people..

? remarkable document..?

human\e constitution

4\ torture.. feeding terrorist narrative .. ie: wearing orange jumpsuits.. torture techniques don’t make us safer…

52% of american people think it’s ok to have a place like g.. g was a mistake.. history will reflect that.. from fear/anger/political expedience..

this isn’t a fight against islam.. but against terrorism..  terrorists want us to live in fear.. as long as g continues.. they are winning


Ibrahim Mohamoud (@Ibrahimohamoud) tweeted at 6:28 AM – 17 Mar 2017 :

@Moazzam_Begg writing for @MiddleEastEye on Britain’s greatest terror threat, again

There must be a point at which this country stops and asks an extremely serious question: Why has everything we’ve done to fight terrorism internally and externally for 17 years – and the world – only made the threat worse than it’s ever been?


IS grew out of the torture chambers of Abu Ghraib and Camp Bucca. 17 of its 25 original leaders had been imprisoned by the US.


The question for us should be: abusing the Irish gave us decades of terrorism, so what did they expect the abuse of Muslims would produce? Solutions to the terrorism scourge are easy. They’ve been on our doorstep all along.

a nother way


Moazzam Begg on internment et al

(aka: torture because we fear terror)

Majed Iqbal (@Majedsblog) tweeted at 7:36 PM – 1 Jun 2017 :

Thought provoking article by @Moazzam_Begg from @UK_CAGE (

After the Manchester attack, there have been increased calls in Britain for a French-style state of emergency, the introduction of martial law and even internment. But history proves this will only make matters worse

Most people are aware that the UK has been complicit in the imprisonment without trial of its own citizens in the case of the Guantanamo prisoners. What they may be less aware of is that, contrary to popular belief, it has been involved in interning terror suspects without trial since the outset of the “war on terror”.

The untold truth is that the same coalition has been bombing Iraq continuously since 1991 and has never stopped. That’s a 26-year long transcontinental bombing campaign.

Our leaders tell us repeatedly that there can be no justification for the killing of children – under any circumstances whatsoever. Most of us could not agree more. But how can they explain away the fact that coalition air strikes in Syria alone have killed almost 1,500 civilians including 319 children since 2014. Forty-four of those children were killed in the past month. Clearly, we’re being lied to.

The youth speak out

Salman Abedi’s sister, Jomana, recently told US media: “I think he [Salman] saw children – Muslim children – dying everywhere, and wanted revenge.”


“But this sickness has developed as a direct result of indiscriminate killing of faceless terrorist suspects and their families.

“It is time to stop this cycle of uncontrolled rage and internecine violence that will only drive us to the pits of hell. Incessant calls for revenge each time need to be tempered with reflections on the consequences of what that means. There are no winners in this.”

There were 22 fatalities in the Manchester attack, seven of whom were children. The family of one of them, Georgina Callander, said: “I wish I could say that Georgina is one of the last to die in this way but unless our government opens its eyes we know we are only another in a long line of parents on a list that continues to grow.” Such voices can no longer be ignored.


Asif B (@Asif_B) tweeted at 12:55 PM – 30 Mar 2018 :

PODCAST @Moazzam_Begg and @meliseboy became freinds during his imprisonment at #Guantanamo and have remained friends since.

Thought provoking conversation around identity as muslims and Pakistani’s in the UK and the impact of the war in Bosnia I The 90’s. Worth a listen! (


Majid Freeman (@Majstar7) tweeted at 2:55 AM – 17 Sep 2018 :
“After torturing and interrogating 779 people in Guantanamo and thousands in Afghanistan, not a single 9/11 plotter has been successfully prosecuted” | @Moazzam_Begg (


This day in 2001, 2976 innocent people killed in USA. In response, America unleashed a killing machine that hasn’t stopped to date. Millions killed in Muslim world but true number’s unknown. Unlike those who died this day, they are not counted, nor do they count. #September11
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