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How the NSA betrayed the world’s trust — time to act


96% of the planet are foreigners

are we really ready to do anything – because of a fear of terrorists..

solution… open

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Clay, Lawrence, Kevin, Marc, Bruce, Ralph, Misha, Stephen, Dan..


dec 2014  – The Internet is on fire | TEDxBrussels

4 min – we are in danger (fire) and no one is taking action

7 min – malware targeting academics in belgium and biggest attacks in ireland…

9 min – stellar attacked by uk intelligence (via snowden files)… see their own names

10 min – yahoo tried to fight us govt to protect users… thrown out because: doesn’t hurt users if they don’t know they are being watched

12 min – google spends over 2 bill every qtr in data services.. that we get for free.. google makes 12 bill profit every year.. so – no such thing as free.. that’s how valuable our data is to google..

16 min – smart means exploitable

18 min – nothing to do about it .. so stop trying. i don’t believe there is nothing to do. i hope we have the strength and guts to act..


Philipp Jovanovic (@Daeinar) tweeted at 6:48 AM – 28 Apr 2017 :

.@mikko on AI: “It seems like a basic evolutionary mistake to introduce a superior intelligence into your biosphere” https://t.co/hHMGeC5mtB (http://twitter.com/Daeinar/status/857939667211218944?s=17