merit (meritocracy)

merit deefn



kaller dietrich

in above piece:

primary ed: fundamental human right

secondary ed: available to all

higher ed: accessible to all on basis of merit

merit: deliberately ambiguous term and means what educational officials want it to mean. when backed against the wall, they tend to define merit as tested aptitude and as we know, aptitude is what aptitude tests test.




imagine, if enough, was enough… Bunker Roy style, et al.


I was a JSA claimant (@imajsaclaimant) tweeted at 4:06 PM – 15 Sep 2016 :

Michael Young, who coined the phrase ‘meritocracy’ said it is a recipe for disaster #bbcqt


Fabiana Cecin (@fabianacecin) tweeted at 6:30 PM – 14 Oct 2016 :

So awesome when this happens to a term used to defend some kind of stupidity. Surprisingly often. (


via Doug (although i feel his take on badges et al.. is meritocratic)

A simplistic meritocratic approach to society and our education systems has failed. It’s time to stop ‘doubling-down’ on narrow education targets and results that privilege the few and, instead, embrace more holistic, open approach such as Connected Learning and microcredentialing.

perhaps we go deeper.. simpler.. more open.. more.. ginormously small.. like hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data

As a parent with an embarrassment of almost-worthless degree certificates to my name, I owe it  to my children, and those everywhere, to help build a better, non-meritocratic system. Let’s raise all the boats in the harbour, rather than focus on those that are already shiny and seaworthy.

yes that. non meritocratic system..

can’t be about displaying.. can’t be about credentialing.. begs we disengage from measuring transactions and validating people…