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name of museum of care room to gather and discuss rules et al of mastodon space via nika dubrovsky et al []:

The David Greaber Institute‘s Mastodon server is up and running. I hope it will be useful to some.

Unlike other Mastodon servers, my idea is to try to leave the rules as open as possible and have ongoing discussions about them. I see our Mastodon server as an online laboratory for creating and recreating social relationships.

For that, we will hold Assemblies where the rules can be discussed.
We plan to hold the first Assembly at 04 May, 2023 20:00 (London time)

2) How can we organize a collective discussion about rules for our server?

How can we organize a collective discussion of the rules of our server without destroying it with chaos or, conversely, overly strict order?

These are all old questions about the nature of technology, about direct democracy, about how projects really work.

Here is my explanation of how art, social design and technology are connected and why such a project as Mastodon has everything to do with the Museum, specifically because this is a Museum of Care.


We need to fight FOR societal rules that allow those who disagree to safely leave projects they are not comfortable with and create projects of their own that they feel good about.

or perhaps even better/deeper.. org around legit needs sans any form of m\a\p so that it’s not about choosing/deciding on projects.. it’s about listening to the itch-in-the-soul 1st thing everyday & using that data to connect us.. new everyday.. to no need to leave and search.. everyday anew depending on your itch/curiosity that day

and this one links to mastodon gathering space:


notes quotes from may 4 zoom: