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For over five years, the MPI has successfully established itself as a world-leader in urbanism.  Thanks to Richard Florida and his team, the Institute continues to push the cities agenda, investigating the role of location, place and city/region in global economic prosperity.

And now, we are on the move.  Continuing its legacy of leading edge thinking, MPI welcomes Roger Martin and Don Tapscott to the fore.  With a growing research agenda, it’s time for us to revisit who we are and how we work.

So, what does a research institute at a top school of management look, act and feel like? We’re building it. With integrative thinking at its core, Rotman leads in the future of management education. As as an institute at Rotman, we bring a business focus to the development of policy and a new way of thinking about economic growth.

In answering the key question: how can capitalism work in the 21st Century – we will take advantage of our location at the crossroads of academia, business and civil society to produce ideas and, more importantly, create actionable solutions. Our early work will look at areas like the infrastructure of democratic capitalism, the emergence of the city and mega-region as the key economic unit, and the power of networks as the central instrument for generating the solutions that will build a brighter future.

In the months ahead, we will find new ways to engage our audience and demonstrate that we are a new kind of institute; one who’s aspiration can be an inspiration, and who’s quality of work, authenticity of engagement and desire for impact is second to none. I hope you’ll join us on our journey.



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